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    Moonlight Umbreon's trainer card shop

    Someone might remember that I had a trainer card shop. And well, now I made it again, since the old one hasn't received a post in months. And by the title, you already can guess what this shop does:trainer cards. Let me explain how my trainer cards are:They are basically just like the others...
  2. M

    Shipping-killer thread

    This thread is for anti-shippers that want to destroy shipping and not just saying ''i hate shipping''.Please,no flame wars or anything that break the rules. Here are the shippings i kill: All shippings between humansXpokémon-just as romantic love between humans and animals is...
  3. M

    Moonlight Umbreon Trainer Card Shop

    When the Pokecharms trainer card creator was gone,i was desesperated,because i liked to create trainer cards.Then i discovered a way to make them and i created a shop! I can put ''type symbols'' to represent the type your trainer specializes.They are TCG symbols and some i took from Pokemon...
  4. M

    International Pokemon Sprites

    Ok,this thread is to post a Pokemon changed to look like a country flag.Simple,you can even do this at paint: Yeah,did that Latias look like Brazil flag?This is what you have to do.
  5. M

    What evil team you think is most evil?

    Just to know.To me,i can't choose between Cipher and Galactic.I think Cipher is more,just look what they have done in Pokemon Colosseum and in Pokemon XD:Gale of Darkness.But it is truly difficult to decide:each team had done a lot of evil things:to decide,you have to see what each had done.
  6. M


    Just read the description of the shippers paradise.Latias?I want to understand that.I've never seen any movie with latias,so i don't know anything.I just want someone to explain that for me. Attention:this is just a thread to answer a question.If you want to make a Latishipping thread,do your own.
  7. M

    If you could open a gym,how it would be?

    I just finded a post like that at pokecharms.If you were a gym leader,in what type would you especialyze?what tm would you give to who defeats you?and what badge?what kind of puzzle there is in your gym?