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    The Diaries of Black and White

    finaly finished my wifi team, and i'm very dissapointed that random battle only allows 4 pokemon like the subways, it's annoying.
  2. L

    The Diaries of Black and White

    finished EV training my slakolf for attack, need to ev him for speed, would be done sooner but i've been distracted by my most recent obsession.
  3. L

    Who thinks Shedinja got the shaft?

    i just think he should be immune to spikes, because he's immune to ground. everything else is fine.
  4. L

    What's your least/most favorite new feature introduced in Generation V?

    The in battle animations are my favorite new addition, and the IR trading is awsome. I'm kind of on the fence about DW, on the one hand, it gave some pokemon a much needed boost, on the other, it introduced Drought and Drizzle to the standard metagame and ruined my favorite pokemon...
  5. L

    Least Fav Unova Pokemon

    Conkledurr, Timburr is cute, but in a tough kind of way, kind of like a kid who thinks he's a badass. Gurrdurr looses that, but the middle stage allways looses it and the third makes up for it by being epic. Conkledurr does NOT make up for it, not to mention that his name prompts every douche...
  6. L

    The Diaries of Black and White

    Finaly got myself a slakof, took long enough.
  7. L

    Dust Clouds

    i have found 1 leaf stone, 2 sun stones, an 1 moon stone. I was there for hours before i gave up on getting a water stone
  8. L

    Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    Re: What's the best Generation V psychic type? reinculus has horrific speed, best as trick room or a tank.
  9. L

    Contest Scizor vs. Durant

    why not throw in escavelier, if we're having a bug/steel war.
  10. L

    Most annoying battle?

    Besides boldore and Ghetsis, The battle subway hax is what's annoying me the most. i ran into a blissy in Super Doubles that had Attract/Thunderwave I got to attack about once every 3 turns. and that's on the Females who weren't attracted and just paralyzed. it's a miracle i won that when my...
  11. L

    Did you survive Ghetsis?

    i took three tries, but on try three, i got a Crit Dragon Tail on his hydregion and the rest wasn't easy, but it sure as hell was better than that. That's with no items or legendaries.
  12. L

    The Diaries of Black and White

    finished EV training my Bellsprout and evloved it, Victorybell now. I need a damn slakof, and it's a lot more annoying to get than i thought it would be. Team Chrome (Ninetales) Lvl 50 F Sweetie (Gengar) Lvl 50 F Seras (Escavelier) Lvl 50 F Flygon (Flygon) Lvl 50 M Dr.Bronx...
  13. L

    Favorite Battle Music

    after N tells you he's the king of plasma, he gets the best music out of any game, bar none
  14. L


    Re: Invent your own ability Handy: Can hold two items [Machamp, Tangagrowth] Show me choice/metronome
  15. L

    Pokémon you forgot even existed

    i normaly have an amazing memory, but my mind went completly blank on Lumineon. hell, i forgot it so bad, for the longest time i was calling it frilish.
  16. L

    Gen 4?

    i don't play gen 4 at all anymore, but i still play gen 3.
  17. L

    The Diaries of Black and White

    i should probably be EV training my Bellsprout, but i'm just lazy like that.
  18. L

    Pokemon you are afraid to battle against

  19. L

    Should there be Stealth Rock Variations?

    yea. yea it would.
  20. L

    Should there be Stealth Rock Variations?

    yea, i like spikes, i like Entery Hazards, they're essential,without them the metagame would just be a series of tactical switch outs. There's one major differance between spikes and sr though, SR hits by type. While spikes didn't care if you were dark, or fire, or bug,or fighting, it would...