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Search results

  1. CuboneKing

    I will always be CuboneKing.

    I guess this is how blogs work now. Works for me. Kinda wish I could go through my old blog because that’s where the juiciest stuff happened, but oh well. Hey guys. I have no idea if anyone who remembers me still uses this site. But back in 2009-2011, I basically lived here. I felt more like...
  2. CuboneKing

    Top that!

    I like playing this in real life, and I bet it could work here. Anyway, it will start with me in this very post, saying an object. The next poster must come up with something that will destroy, outclass, or otherwise defeat the object. The next poster will come up with something better, so on...
  3. CuboneKing

    Island Living *CuboneKing and Octavia*

    The only passengers on a run-down boat to Isshu, James and Luna end up on a nearby island. Will they ever get off? Sign-up form: Humans Name: Age: Gender: Personality: History: Pokemon Species: Name: Gender: Personality: Moves: Other: Let's get this started. Name: James...
  4. CuboneKing

    Total Drama Pokemon discussion

    Discuss TDP here. Suggestions? Here. Rants? Here. That kind of stuff.
  5. CuboneKing

    Total Drama Pokemon Island: Day 2

    Screaming Bidoof: Yum Psy Linun Omega Natasha Ally Eliminated Day 1 LeeLee The Eeveelution Killer Feebas: Surge Root Kesha Jane Taio Roger Stacy Synthesis ---- Alpha was tapping his foot. "Seto, why aren't they here already?"
  6. CuboneKing

    James and Alpha's birthday party

    Oi, I am copying other RPers on this. If you got the VM, you're invited! Sign up for the biggest, awesomest RP party ever! Sign-ups look like: Name: James McPhil Species: Human Appearance: Casual clothes in red and black, long brown hair Personality: Somewhat airheaded yet friendly, but...
  7. CuboneKing

    Blog draft publishing

    There might already be a thread on this, but how do I publish blog drafts?
  8. CuboneKing

    Total Drama Pokemon: NO SLOTS LEFT

    As the name suggests, this is a Pokemon version of Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour. Yay. The rules: There are 16 slots. You will be divided into two teams of eight. At the start of a new day, I will provide a challenge, usually a trivia question. Each team will be given time to do...
  9. CuboneKing

    VM trouble

    I've recently received two VMs, and am unable to respond due to my VMs being closed. I can't open them. Every profile I visit has it this way. Is anyone else having this problem and how do I fix it?
  10. CuboneKing

    World Domination plan

    Like the title says, this is a world domination plan. Example: Like that. I'll continue from those quotes. ...A tranquilizer gun. I get one at...
  11. CuboneKing

    Your past usertitles

    In this thread, you post your past usertitles, like the title suggests. XD Most of you don't remember all of your past titles. Post what you remember.... I just happen to remember all of mine. I'm a Cubone. FEAR ME!!!! Fade in... Fade out... MIGHT be back SUMMER Triple battles = Epic win Name's...
  12. CuboneKing


    Why don't we just delete the article, remove all mentions, and forget about it?!
  13. CuboneKing

    The Alfalfa Game

    In this game, you spell "Alfalfa". First poster:"a" Next:"l" Next"f" and so on. Rinse and repeat. A
  14. CuboneKing

    A shipping game

    In this game, one makes a shipping with the user above and another user! It must be given a name. NO STEW POTS ALLOWED!!!!
  15. CuboneKing

    Cubone's Adventure (The Legend of the PokéPacks)

    Cubone's Adventure is a series about a Cubone. Hence the name.