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    Possible Elder Scrolls/Skyrim RP?

    That's right! I just started playing Skyrim as a fresh character and I realized how fun I thought it was. I really want to do an Elder Scrolls RP, so if you are interested please post a plot idea.
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    Spring Samba-A Journey Through Johto (Remake) (Sign-Ups Closed)

    The Pokemon World is full of mysteries. Pokemon, the amazing creatures that thrive on our planet, of with many unique qualities are found most everywhere; from the dense jungles to the vast, open plains, soaring high above the blue skies and diving down to deepest depths in the ocean, there...
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    Pokemon New Journeys: Johto Saga

    GlitchCity Prez gmandiddy Kona-Chan haxorus339 @asc1903 Typhloterra Lost-Tresure Dreamy Gabe67 Raine had been staring continually staring out the window for the past hour, brushing her bright, auburn hair, her mind not really focused on much anything. As the sun just began to peek out form...
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    It's Time for a PRP!

    I'm absolutely sick of the RPs that the sign-up threads section has to offer right now. They all look interesting, but none of them really tickle my fancy. So, I'd like to PRP. Keep in mind, I'm only looking for one person (three-way PRPs never seem to work out), so if I don't pick you, it...
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    Spring Samba OOC Thread/RPG Lounge

    Yeah, so here's where the members of the RP, Spring Samba, can post their ideas, plans, etc. I really want this to be an enjoyable expirience for everyone. Also, I'd like to here your comments and opinions on what's going in the RP. I also put the players first, so if you don't like...
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    Spring Samba

    It was mid-morning in the quaint town of New Bark. People were just beginning to emerge from their domiciles, some still groggy from a restless night. The shops and businesses that lined the dirt roads were just opening around now- the only place that had seen activity before this time in the...
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    Seeking Private Roleplay Partner

    'Allo everyone! It'sa me! Yeah, so, what I'm looking for is a dedicated, active member to engage in a PRP with me. Depending on how many people want to do this, I don't mind doing multiple RPs. Personally, I'm a fan of Pokemon RPs. I like Mystery Dungeon, academy, journey, and ranger RPs...
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    Spring Samba (A Journey Through Johto) SIGN-UPS

    The Pokemon World is full of mysteries. Pokemon, the amazing creatures that thrive on our planet, of with many unique qualities are found most everywhere; from the dense jungles to the vast, open plains, soaring high above the blue skies and diving down to deepest depths in the ocean, there...
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    I Haz a New Idea!

    Herro. It's me again. Would anyone be interested in doing something like this that I found on another forum? Pokemon Solar And Lunar - Login Although, instead of putting in the form of fanfiction, we'll make it an RP. Whaddya say?
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    Pokemon Legends of Ruby, Tales of Sapphire

    A clock ticked loudly from somewhere within the house. David rolled over in his bed, still sound asleep. Suddenly, the covers were thrown off the boy, and he awoke with a start. It was just a moment ago that he had still been dreaming, but now he was widely awake. David jumped out of bed, and...
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    Pokemon: Legends of Ruby, Tales of Sapphire

    Welcome to the Hoenn region! Hoenn features a wide variety of diverse landscapes including desert, mountains, grassland, forests, and even a volcano. It is an ideal place to start a journey, mostly because of the many new species of Pokemon inhabiting the region. And so, our story...
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    Journey RP, Anyone?

    The title says it all. Would any of you be interested in a journey RP? None of my RPs really get off the ground, do they? I'd really like this one to get farther than the others, perhaps, making it through all of the regions? I also would like this RP to have a deeper plot than your...
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    Pokemon: The Johto Chronicles [Sign-ups open!]

    The Johto Region History: Basic Plot: The Path of a Trainer: Path of a Coordinator: The Path of a Breeder Rules: Sign-ups:
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    I'm Back with Another RP Idea! XD

    Hey, everyone, I'm back with another RP idea. I've had this idea for a long time, and I think that it's finally time to bring it to life on the forums. XD So, what do you guys think? Would you join this?
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    Pokemon: Ultimate Quest (REMAKE!!!)

    Hello, everyone! This is a shameless attempt at a remake of one of my old RPs that I had uncovered while looking through some old files and stuff. I really liked the idea, so I decided to bring "Pokemon: Ultimate Quest" back to BMGf. XD _ _ _ _ _ _ Pokemon, the amazing creatures that...
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    In Process of Creating Pokemon Forum- HELP WANTED!

    Hello, everyone! Lone Wolf in the hiz-ouse! Yeah, so, I created this Pokemon forum site, and I could really use some help. You can find it here: Home - The forum is specifically for roleplaying. Imma make five seperate sections, one for each region. They will each have multiple threads...
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    Pokemon Indigo OOC Thread/RPG Lounge

    Okay, guys. To make sure that the start up doesn't get clogged up with OOC's, I decided to create this.
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    Looking for Two Active RPers to Engage in PRP

    Hello everyone! As the title clearly states, I'm looking for two other active members of the forum to engage in a PRP alongside me and Elite_Four_Kuro. I'd prefer veteran members, or those who have lots of expirience, but I'm pretty lenient when it comes to your RPing skills. The RP is set in...
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    James Cameron's Avatar RP

    What would you guys think of an RP based on the movie Avatar by James Cameron? It would be centered around the war of the RDA (I believe they're called) and the Nav'i. Post your thoughts.
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    Seeking 2-3 Other Members to Engage in PRP

    'Allo there! The title says it all- I'm looking for two to three other members to particiapte in a PRP. I'm pretty bendable when it comes to deciding on a plot, but it will most likely be a Pokemon RP. It will not, however, be a journey RP as I'm already in too many of those. I especially...