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    GEN VI: HA Female Murkrow

    Hi, I'd like a hidden ability female murkrow. It wasn't one of the hidden ability friend safari pokemon, it is one of the dream world hidden ability pokemon I think. Though I'm not sure. Pokemon I can offer for this HA female murkrow (note if you want one of my 5 iv pokemon, you make the murkrow...
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    GEN VI: Squritle

    I just want a squirtle. I can offer: I also accept friend safaris with wartortle. My friend code should be in my sig. If it isn't I'll edit this thread. EDIT: Friend Code is 2766-9246-2824
  3. C


    EDIT: Got the eevee. ANy mod can close this thread.
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    As the title says, a chespin (no need for dream world ability) is what I want. I can offer protean froakies that I could breed, dittos I could catch from my friend's friend safari (so they'll have at least 2 max ivs). My friend safari has luxio, voltorb, and electabuzz. But if you're breeding...
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    GEN VI: Friend Safari Friend Codes

    Hello! If your friend safari has dittos, I'd like to exchange friend codes. Other than that, if you don't know your friend safari, I can exchange friend codes with you if you want to know your type.
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    Chaos Dusknoir's chaotic shop

    You come into the shop and see people dying, explosions, and a 5 headed man, he screams, he pleads you to help him. You see a man in a black robe acting very calm as if this was not going on. Hi, how may I help you? This is what I can do: I only work with sprites. You may request a...
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    Hey guys I want a Tepig

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    Banana Milkshake

    OK, I'm new to cooking stuff so please don't blame me if this ends up tasting horrible please. You will need: A blender two bananas some milk Step 1: chop up the two bananas and put them into the blender Step 2: add milk and put it 3/4s into the blender Step 3: blend for about 1 minute...
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    Mafia King of Fighters mafia: Orochi is getting VERY bored, 12 sign ups left![Cancelled]

    King of Fighters Mafia Synopsis: In King of Fighters 97, Orochi has died but recently Sakai has revived him, they have come to fight the fighters, now... the fighters must defend themselves and their team members, but not all teams are on the same side... (I couldn't think of a better story...
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    I'm back!

    I dont know of this is the right forum but i was away from sleepaway camp and im err... not back Im using my phone for this and im pretty much back since i can use my phone everyday but on august 5th is when ill really be back
  11. C

    Shadow darkrai and TFspock's shadow shop

    Banner made by Geneeb thx! TFspock is the manager he will take your requests and vm me the news Hello there, I just started spriting, I work at darkrai07's shop, here is what I do: Loyalty program, whoever requests 15 times gets a trainer card with no white backround! :lick: So I'll wait...
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    Shadow darkrai's sprite gallery

    Shadow darkrai's abandoned sprite gallery Hey guys I just started spriting here are my first three I made: Shadeless shiny Umbreon How the shiny Scizor should have been And Darvile What do you think?
  13. C

    Funny Smosh Videos

    Firetruck (song): YouTube - ‪FIRETRUCK! (Official Music Video)‬‏ Boxman 2.0 (also a song sort of): YouTube - ‪Boxman 2.0 (Official Music Video)‬‏ :drool: If superheros were real: YouTube - ‪If Superheroes Were Real!‬‏ Pokemon in real life...
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    Hey guys should I start a club called Ghosts, it's where you talk about Ghost type pkmn and answer questions like what's your favorite ghost pkmn?:mallet: And id change my avatar to gengar?
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    Hi peoples, since i am new, can anyone tell me how to join groups, get an avatar on my page etc. ? realy don't wanna be treated strict.
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    Hey guys,I 'm new