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  1. M

    May issue of CoroCoro magazine leaked: Plethora of information revealed

    While it's likely the ice is there just to attract the fan's attention and hide the places with the most changes, it would be really cool if it really is going to be part of the game, not as a glacier, but as a giant Ice Beam or something. And what if it's possible to explore the ice? There...
  2. M

    Elite 4, do you train prior?

    I usually train until I reach the E4's levels, even if it will take a whole month. Though all I needed to beat it on White were my Lv.50 Reuniclus and my Lv. 64 Hydreigon with good movesets and strategy.Well, at least that extra training prevented me from losing a battle when I started to face...
  3. M

    Leaked document reveals upcoming games: Title list proves old consoles never die

    Dang, they're still not making Pokémon Brown- The Bidoof Empire this year.
  4. M

    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    Cool and windy, and getting colder everyday. Frost has already hit the south in the first week of fall, so this will be a cold year.
  5. M

    The Shift in Demographic Appeal in Black and White

    My point is, some changes are good (like the ones in BW), but if you change a lot, it will likely suck.
  6. M

    Fixing up the Ice-type

    Give Ice a better hail inducer (Regice or perhaps Cryogonal) and better abilities related to Hail. Or, if the type chart is going to be changed, make Ice immune to itself and resistant to Dragon and Flying or Grass. And to save Ice-types from Stealth Rock, Rock could do neutral damage- I don't...
  7. M

    The Shift in Demographic Appeal in Black and White

    People should stop thinking the franchise should appeal only to kids or adults. It's supposed to appeal to all generations- changes in gameplay and plot are good, but after you reach a certain point you can't change it more without breaking the premise of the franchise. Also, supposing all rich...
  8. M

    Should Grass Types Get Earthquake/Earth Power?

    Most Grass types should get Earth Power (thus allowing them to fight Fire-types just like Water-types can use Ice Beam against grass types), but only a few should get Earthquake. Generation V really helped Bug-types (just think of Volcarona), but there are still many types which need balancing...
  9. M

    what's your nationality?

    Brazilian, though my family came from Germany a few generations ago.
  10. M

    UK Video Game Championships qualifier winner disqualified: Play! Pokémon manager rele

    Re: UK Video Game Championships qualifier winner disqualified: Play! Pokémon manager He was either drunk or just plain insane. Giving how it's hard to a good battler and an insane person at the same time, it's likely the first option. Though they should allow him to play the next time, as he...
  11. M


    While he may look like an ordinary duck, and well, is and ordinary duck (aside from throwing water and ice at you, of course), there's just something on it that looks strangely cool.
  12. M

    Fans let Media Factory know that they want an animated adaptation of SPECIAL

    I've always wanted to read Special, but few people actually know it here, even fans, and I can't find it anywhere. If it was made into an anime, my chances of actually seeing it would be far higher. And perhaps it would reduce the number of idiots who think Red is an Ash rip-off when it's...
  13. M

    What is your least favourite elemental type?

    Perhaps fighting and fire, because they're mostly suicidal, destructive and frail- and I just hate these three things together, as the best defense ISN'T a good offense. Also, fire-types are extremely overrated for no reason other than supposed coolness. I hate fighting far less though, as there...
  14. M

    Favourite pokémon noise?

    Arceus and other ''exotic'' Pokémon have interesting noises, but my favorites are Reuniclus, Hydreigon and Volcarona.
  15. M

    If the president visited your home

    First I'd go ''holy #### it's her!'', then I'd greet her and ask her to continue her ''cleaning'' of the bureaucrats...and do it faster.
  16. M

    What Decade Were You Born In?

    In the last months of the nineties...I can't remember a single second of the last millenium.
  17. M

    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    Cool and windy. Remember, this is summer in the tropical regions- only a small part of my state can enjoy such a weather in this part of the year. The rest is either boiling hot for the whole year or cold enough to freeze you to death, yet too dry for any snow.
  18. M

    VG Weekly Poll #31 Should Black 2 and White 2 have been on the 3DS?

    While Nintendo would have gained a lot more money if they did it on the 3DS, I was quite happy to see I won't have to buy a $700 3DS (plus the game itself, which costs around $200).
  19. M

    The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 (Read FIRST Post before posting!)

    Re: The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 Thread The first thing I thought when I saw the new forms was ''WHAT?Wasn't Kyurem's new form supposed to look awesome, instead of as ugly as the original form?''. But I calmed down as I saw it was for the DS, and thus I'll don't have to waste $700 on a...
  20. M

    Best Eeveelutions?

    While Umbreon looks best, followed by Espeon, Vaporeon is the most useful, surviving everything you throw at it (well, except for Thunderbolt and grass attacks) and supporting your team.