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    No Santa? No way! News anchor sorry for dashing kids' dreams

    I think most young kids know there is no Santa (a lot of holiday programming spills those beans), it's all about how long a kid can keep their parents believing that they believe in Santa!
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    CATS 1, KIDS 0 - Paypal halts gift exchange for disadvantaged children

    Wait... so what did Paypal do wrong again? What is the Registry community? What exactly is going on? If I were paypal, I'd be suspicious as well. All of this said, if they froze this organizations account then there should be ways for them to petition their position to paypal. The Holidays is...
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    The Bulbagarden Comic

    Actually this sounds like it can be a lot of fun (as long as we are talking about strips and not graphic novel chapters or pages because that is a lot of work), at the end of the year, you can take all the strips and turn them into a book (preferably print, but to keep initial cost close to zero...
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    Are game characters popularized by the anime?

    I think most of us make up our minds on favorite Pokemon Pretty much from the games themselves, but people that watch the Anime more than games, and the Anime's Target audience is greatly influenced by Pokemon's Screen Time, especially if that Pokemon is given a lot of personality (So like...
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    Pokédex 3D app coming to 3DS: Free downloadable Pokédex app to be available at 3DS eS

    Re: Pokédex 3D app coming to 3DS: Free downloadable Pokédex app to be available at 3D I tried it a few hours ago and the Pokedex app is really nice. It is basic, but the graphics are surprisingly good. The pokemon look better than or equal to PBR models, and the Scene that resembles the battle...
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    What was your first Pokémon?

    I think it was bulbasaur... but for some reason I can remember training a squirtle first... but it had to be bulbasaur because I remember my first final team. (Venusaur, Sandslash, Haunter, Nidoking, Dragonair, Zapdose)
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    Anime What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    I just saw the first 2 episodes of Zexal, and I am shocked at how good it is. I think everyone should give it a shot (Everyone who is a fan of YGO), it seems like it combines elements from all 3 series and improves greatly on the format (Making it successfully exciting over before where even...
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    Your newest purchase thread

    The 3DS of course! :P
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    How do you feel about Iris not sticking to dragon pokemon?

    Honestly I just want more screen time (and pokemon screen time) for her and Dento/Cilan. This season has been great, but the characters can use a little more attention. If she is getting any new pokemon, that's good in my book! (Don't spoil it for me, but if that electric pokemon she is getting...
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    A possible idea for an art trade program

    This is a Pokemon form, if you are going to have art Trading there should be Art Battling! (I'm only joking, but that's kind-of a neat idea to have two artist put up pictures on the same subject and have users vote which they prefer) --------- Edit, well I don't mean a contest. Unless...
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    Localized Names

    Re: English names I'm hoping some of those names are fake/beta... don't get me wrong, some of them are extremely cool... but some seem like they explode the mind. It's almost like they decided to change the names so that they would be harder for kids to pronounce than the Japanese name. Let...
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    Cabriola's Animation & Scribbles - UPDATE [12-08-12]

    Re: Cabriola's Scribbles Was this a college animation art class or high school? Anyways, pretty cool sketches!
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    $aturn¥oshi's cracked art.

    LOL, it's been over a year and you are just thinking of drawing another image! Shame shame shame shame shame on you. If this was real life I'd be shaking my finger right now, from the time I post to the time you see it!
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    My Artz

    I love your use of color in the last one with your made up monster, it turned out pretty spectacular!
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    Dark foxes move to international arena: Zorua, Zoroark to keep Japanese names

    Yeah, surprisingly a lot of Pokemon keep their names or have translated names for every generation. This wasn't really too much a surprise, and I believe there will probably be a lot of 5th gen that will keep their names because they're obvious. (Crimgan, Wargle, ulgamoth, gearl, swana, chirami...
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    Let's be Dream World Friends

    That game is impossible! That's all I can say (but all jokes aside, just getting the no miss bonus is impressive to me) --- I think I added everyone here in the friend pad, and I'm going to let my game character sit in the wifi room this week so I can hopefully get someone if they connect...
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    14th movie title confirmed: Title and logo revealed, no other details

    Re: Possible 14th movie title revealed: Possible title revealed, no other details I'm hoping they make this N's appearance in the Anime and keep his character more tied to the movies. Even though not everyone liked it, I think like the Diamond and Pearl series, having a quadrilogy (or whatever...
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    Your Review?

    Koromori isn't that annoying, you don't run into it anywhere near as much as Zubat, the annoying pokemon for many will be the Rock pokemon, Gantoru, because it takes a minimum of 2 hits to beat and is in almost every cave. (Most of the caves are varied a good amount that they don't feel tedious)
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    Localized Names

    Re: English names I guess because of the United States of America
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    Localized Names

    Re: English names The only Name I have to complain about is Unova... How are we suppose to pronounce that anyways? Un-o-va? Yuu-Nova? Eu-Nova? It rattles my brain! I actually like Oshawott... it reminds me of "Rashomon" for some reason, but that's why I like it. (Though I think it's weird...