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    The Minor Complaint Thread

    Sucks for Croconaw and Conkeldurr. But the weird thing is that it took Bacon Bit (although a previous post suggested something about a space in the word bypassing the filter?). It could be Tor if they really hate the idea of anonymity...but then Torkoal wouldn't work... It's the damnest thing.
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    Remake or Nah

    Or...nah...? I've noticed a lot of things that look so much better in the updated engine. Like Professor Birch's running around, Flannery's facial expressions during her introduction, the Trick House, whatever it's called, Fortree City, and Diving. It's just too bad some of the mechanics...
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    The Minor Complaint Thread

    Pre-evolution only moves are still a minor annoyance. I traded for a Lotad and just let him evolve when he was ready to and spent the next 20 levels wondering when he was going to learn a new Grass move after Absorb. Turns out only Lotad learns Mega Drain at Level 14. Lombre doesn't learn it at...
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    Your drinking habits

    I noticed last week that Leinenkugel's came out with their winter seasonals and I picked up a 6-pack of the Cranberry Ginger. It tastes...pretty much how you'd expect. They've got a stout, too, and I'll try that this weekend. My girlfriend and I have started trying wines. We know nothing about...
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    Is anyone choosing a non-starter starter?

    I'd have considered it if it wasn't for the Mega Evolutions. But Mega Swampert is just too much fun.
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    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    OK, I'm cool with no more Megas. This is all I want to do.
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    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    Woah shit, can we go into space?!
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    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    I feel like if that's even being brought up then the answer is likely no. /wishfulthinking
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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    I'll be sad if that ends up being everything. But at the same time, we're getting a whole new game, so I can't be sad for too long.
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    How are you preparing for the release?

    With 10-17 days left until release, what are you guys planning for release day? A midnight release party? Taking off school/work? No midnight release for me, but I'm taking paid vacation Friday-Sunday, getting up early Friday morning to take the little one to school doing some thorough...
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    General Mega Evolution Thread

    There's still a case for Rock Slide in Doubles and VGC alongside Heat Wave and Earth Power/Earthquake (though EP hits harder with the Sheer Force boost and of course doesn't hit your partner). And that Quiet nature will work very well on Trick Room teams.
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    General Mega Evolution Thread

    Yo all I said was I wish he had better physical STAB than Flame Charge. But yeah, I'd much rather go with a speical-based mixed set running Rock Slide over Ancient Power.
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    General Mega Evolution Thread

    B Viability. Wow, I'm happy Mega Camerupt is getting the love it is. I didn't like it at first but I've started warming up (eh? eh?) to it, and now it's one of my favorite new Megas. It's just too bad it doesn't get a better physical STAB then Flame Charge.
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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    When does that CoroCoro come out?
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    Share you favorite holiday recipes!

    Now that Halloween's over, we can shift our focus to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! I'm totally in charge of cooking this year and I finally have a decent sized kitchen to work with, so I'll be experimenting a lot. Any of y'all got some fantastic holiday recipes you're willing to share? To...
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    Who will you choose? Brendan or May?

    When I was expecting customization to come back I had my mind made up on May. Now that it's not I'll go with Brendan and his sweet nonremovable hat.
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    ORAS demo

    If there's such an issue with codes and cartridges then Nintendo needs to use the Nintendo WFC more often. Solves the "black market" problem and doesn't alientate those who don't like near the store. As for the demo itself, that's just bad marketing. The idea of a playable demo is to generate...
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    Pokemon that should not exist

    Finneon and Lumineon. What was the point of it? They don't even look like Pokemon, and the generic fish niche has been filled plenty of times already. They didn't even make it unique.
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    Designs diference between XY and ORAS

    I love how stylized ORAS is looking. XY looks nice and sleek, but the menu looks more like a webapp than a game.