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Search results

  1. P

    My Pokemon Ranch

    Came out last Friday in Australia and Europe, I am actually enjoying it now I have Free Mode.
  2. P

    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer-- the thread that will someday rule BMGf

    Because he likes eggs. Why does he like eggs?
  3. P

    The Banned Game

    Banned because I am so fat.
  4. P

    ^ The one above

    ^ is married to my brother's wife's mother's grandfather's sister in law.
  5. P

    A Pokemon Starting With...

    Post a Pokemon who's name starts with the last letter of the Pokemon above. In case of letters U or X, the person can post any Pokemon name ignoring the rule. Sharpedo
  6. P

    How many Pokémon have you memorized?

    Since I love Pokemon, it is only natural that my brain easily remembers the name of every single one, the order/numbers they possess is a different story however.
  7. P

    Where would you fit in the Pokemon World?

    I'd venture the world in search of rare Pokemon then charge people a dollar and a half to see them.
  8. P

    'Pokémon 151' brand to cater to adults: Official Web site to open Thursday

    I would have bought them all if I could, shame they need to be imported.
  9. P

    What if Pokemon was real?

    I'd be a trainer and eventually become a Water Gym Leader.
  10. P

    Real World Animals in Pokemon

    There is. Several of the earlier episodes showed real creatures in the Pokemon world like when Ash caught Pidgeotto for example, it pulled a worm out of the ground and ate it.
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    What should be in Platina - the wishlist

    -Something like the Sevii Islands instead of the Battle Frontier. -Improved animations rather then just two frames animated/distorted. -New areas all over Sinnoh, not just at the end. -The battle mechanism needs to be revamped, it is getting a little stale. -TIME/DATE EVENTS!!! Hello Nintendo...
  12. P

    Caption the screenshots!

    This isn't what it looks like, Gligar and I are just friends...
  13. P

    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    SOS - Jonas Brothers, it has only been out in Australia for about a month, just letting Americans know in case they think I'm a year behind. :P
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    Pokémon Ranch confirmed for international release: "My Pokémon Ranch" appears on ...

    About time Australia get something first (Excluding Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii XD). Go us!