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    Why are there almost no threads from before 2005?

    Aww, that a shame. I remember that back when the Bulbagarden forums were on the old server it was possible to find archived threads if you knew the url. Still, at least they're saved somewhere they can be accessed if absolutely necessary; I was a bit worried that an early server glitch had...
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    Why are there almost no threads from before 2005?

    That makes sense. Just looking through old scans on the Wayback Machine, I can see that the forum categories changed pretty frequently during the first few years. I'm personally interested in seeing the old threads because they contain a lot of history of the Pokemon fandom. Are the archives...
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    Why are there almost no threads from before 2005?

    So I was searching through the forums for some very old threads, and it seems like there is virtually nothing from the years 2003 and 2004. What happened to these threads? Edit: According to the Wayback Machine, there should be several thousand of these threads: Bulbagarden Forums - powered by...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Interesting article. I've always assumed that any Ash ship that became canon would do so at the end of the anime's run to avoid introducing new plot points that would detract from the advertising purposes of the anime. This article did a very good job explaining this. However, I though that...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Misty may be making a reappearance! Bulbanews stated that they have listed her voice actor for episode 116 and Bulbapedia does not list it as a flashback appearance! To answer the prompt above me, I know that there will be some sort of Kanto fair in the Unova arc. I think that she would...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    To answer my own question: In the incredibly unlikely (read not going to happen) chance that a pokeshipping hint occurs, I'd assume that mew two would say something implying that Ash and a previous female companion were in a romantic relation. Ash would obviously deny this Yes, I know this was...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    What do you know, the thread is dead again. Time to liven things up. As you all know, the 16th pokemon movie has been announced and it will feature genesect and Mewtwo. And yes, this is the same mewtwo from the first movie (at least according to Bulbagarden). This movie may very well bring up...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Wow, this thread is dead. Let's liven things up with a new discussion. There are many poke shipping "hints" that occur outside of the anime in sources such as the manga. What is your favorite outside-of-anime hint? (These are obviously non-canon, but this should still be a fun discussion).
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Have you read Texas Longhorn's fic yet? It's easily the best poke shipping fic online. It's called " A New Journey".
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    I agree that poke shipping is unlikely to ever become canon. ( I'd go as far to say that the odds of Misty no reappearing in any more episodes is much greater than the odds of her reappearing.) However, if the producers did decide to make it canon, I think they would have Misty reappearing in...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Well hello everyone. My name is pokefannn. I'm not new, I've just been lurking on the forums and haven't posted in about a year. There hasn't been any posts since August, so I figure the forum could use a new topic: Suppose that the good people who produce the anime decide to make poke shipping...
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    Anime Sound

    Some episodes from the Kanto arc sound really weird when they aired on Cartoon Network. Every sound is repeated a few seconds after it's supposed to be heard and I swear that some of the characters lines change language during the repeat. It sounds like the episode has been dubbed but the...
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    Pokemon World War

    I think that pokemon would just be used as extra soldier. Humans would still have guns, tanks and planes that could be used against other humans. They would also have tons of pokemon like charizard and infernape.
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    Would You Ever Consider Using Pre-Gen V Pokemon in BW Before the E4?

    Absolutly. Then I wouldn't have to bother training any new pokemon. I could just sweep through all the gym leaders with my level 50 plus tortera and quilava.
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    Review S14 EP18: Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!

    Good episode, although there are some strange parts to it: 1. Why didn't Ash's pokeball teleport when he got Sewaddle like it did when he captured Kingler? Are Unova pokeballs constructed differently or do the writers just like the idea of manuelly transporting pokeballs better? 2. Why did Ash...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Chance of pokeshipping becoming canon: Unfortunatley, at this point it is kind of low because Misty hasn't appeared in the anime for about five years. It will stay low unless she makes another cameo appearance in the anime. If they actually place a real hint in BW, then the odds would be high...
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    What's your favorite Opening? (English)

    Pokemon theme. It was catchy and it actually described the anime.
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    The 'Complain About Something You Don't Like' Thread.

    Gym leaders and members of the elite four who use potions on their pokemon, especially when you only have one very damaged pokemon left. (Well, at least they can't use revives.) And why does everyone want a legendary pokemon at a really low level when they trade?
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    Did you like Misty/Kasumi's role on the show?

    Re: Did you like Kasumi's role on the show? I though Kasumi/Misty was an interesting character. She didn't do as much as future characters, but she was still interesting. Let's see: she helped Ash, she participated in the Whirl Cup, she had an interesting backstory, and so on and so forth. I'm...
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    Do you like the Rocket trio's role in BW?

    Re: Do you like the Rocket trio's role in Best Wishes!? I like the change. In my opinion, Team Rocket got really old really fast. It seemed that the sole reason they appeared in many episodes was to add a few extra minutes. In BW, Team Rocket is adding to the plot, not just fluffing it up so...