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  1. KaylaBaraonda

    Do you think someone has named themselves after a Pokémon?

    Once in a previous tread of mine where I asked if you would name a child after a Pokémon, someone replied “I named myself after THE Pokémon.” But, does anyone even have a “THE Pokémon”? I’ve seen people have a “My Doctor” in Doctor Who, (for me it’s my fanonish version of Fivey), but I don’t...
  2. KaylaBaraonda

    Is Nelly Virsaladze (Saki Nationals) based on Latias?

    This character. She is supposedly 140 cm tall like Latias, also has a white\red\blue colorscheme, and uses orangish pinkish flow like how Latias has orangish eyes. And has an hat shaped like Latias' head, well except in the one scene where she is seen with more casual clothes. Nelly's casual...
  3. KaylaBaraonda

    Would you name your firstborn Sinnoh?

    I would. But to me it would'nt really be after the region, it would be after Aroush Halapsian's child which in turn would be named after the region. Maybe I could name them Shino\Shinoh which is the original name in the jap versions (like how Hoenn is just Hoen and Unova is Isshu)
  4. KaylaBaraonda

    EVERYONE: Pokémon the netflix teen drama movie

    Ash: My name is Ash and today I will be a Pokémon master! goes downstairs Delia: Ash! There's a surprise for you at Oak's lab! Ash and Delia go at Oak's lab Oak: Have this Pikachu! Pikachu: Pika pi! Gary: Let's battle. Ash: Ok. Ash's Pikachu and Gary's Eevee have a short battle, won by Pikachu...
  5. KaylaBaraonda

    Should Pokémon become aracial?

    And by aracial I mean that the characters' appearances are more based on their personalities, themes, and types they train, and not on real life genetics and races. Including also more fantasy-like skintones. So maybe humans including the player are classified by "types" not "races". Like...
  6. KaylaBaraonda

    Pop-culture reference in Pokémon

    sorry i only made this thread cuz obsession stuff from when i was p much a slave
  7. KaylaBaraonda

    Speculation Was Roughneck Kirby based on the game "Kirby"?

    The Roughneck sprite is fat with a round bald head. Kirby is a pink round puffball. Cleffa kind of look like a rounded star shape, which is a common shape in Kirby games, and is also round and pink like Kirby Or is this just stretching a bit? Like even if the Roughneck is called Hiroto in...
  8. KaylaBaraonda

    How would "The Simpsons" be in the Pokéworld

    The Pokémon world seems to be composed of places and cultures analoguous to ours, and they even seem to have some of real life popculture referenced in there. For example the movies that the player watch in TV before going on their journeys, are actual movies in real life. I think that the...
  9. KaylaBaraonda

    Sinnoh x Alola

    it would be funny to ship regions and Sinnoh and Alola are queer icons
  10. KaylaBaraonda

    DarkUncleShipping (Nanu x Grimsley)

    It's kinda my OTP! Yes they likely have quite the age difference but I feel like they can learn a lot from each other and make kinda sense thematically I guess. Maybe more of a platonic pairing than a romantic one.
  11. KaylaBaraonda

    Susan Wainwright (from The Sims 3) in the Pokémon World

    I wanted to do a thread how about she would be like in the Pokémon world I don't know why, just a remnant of my old obsession I guess. I haven't actually genuinely liked Pokémon since like I was in elementary school watching the Pokémon anime but then I grew up and got obsessed with The Sims 3...
  12. KaylaBaraonda

    Pokérian Names

    Basically since Gen 6 the signs on the overworld have been in weird symbols that seem to be a language (which I'd call Pokérian) which would be pretty much the same but with diff dialects in diff regions. Well most characters have different names in different language version. (Well basically...
  13. KaylaBaraonda

    Should surnames be mathriarchal in the Pokéworld?

    Mostly since usually with breeding the Pokémon end up as the mother's species, and the culture is founded on Pokémon training with many families seeming related to a specific type with hair, eyes, and personality to match. And often even names (in the translated versions of the first four gens)...
  14. KaylaBaraonda

    Speculation What if Blanche, Candela, Spark, and Willow will be in USUM or in Gen 8

    I know it's unlikely since they're drawn in a completely different artstyle, owned by Niantic, and don't have a canon\lore\plotline behind them anyways, but they could have versions of them in the main series. Willow would have Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Poliwrath, Snorlax, and Rhyperior...
  15. KaylaBaraonda

    What if the legendary beasts weren't Eevee or Poochyena

    By this I mean, they're quadrupedal and canine NOW, but that may just be how Ho-Oh resurrected them. For all we know, the siblings that walked in the Burned Tower 500 years ago and got burned there were, like, 3 Sunkern.
  16. KaylaBaraonda


    No explanations necessary... XD!
  17. KaylaBaraonda

    A little idea... what if?

    When a Pokemon who can evolve by level, evolves at lv. 100 from the stage you capture it, if his nickname is the name of another Pokemon, it evolves into said Pokemon, retaining gender, nature, ivs, evs, ability. The stats are these of the new Pokemon Species, and you chose the moves. The newly...
  18. KaylaBaraonda

    What would you think of a series of Pokemon... in an high school setting...

    With the pokemon having little screentime... all about the relationship and struggles between the characters in high school? the main characters are the "principal" characters (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Kris, Silver, May, Brendan, Emerald, Wally, Lucas, Dawn, Barry, Lyra, Hilbert, Hilda...
  19. KaylaBaraonda

    Shiny Humans

    What do you think of Shiny Humans? how would they look like?
  20. KaylaBaraonda


    What do you think? i think it would make a great addiction to the series.