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Search results

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    Offering lots of shinies/legendaries/6iv pokes

    yes there 6ivs and I would like choice band or choice scarf for one of the 6iv dittos or if you want 2 we can trade 2for 2
  2. E

    Brock/Takeshi as a companion

    I belive Broke should always stay his my favorite of all the Characters in pokemon, and makes amazing food according to the show
  3. E

    What do you think of the XY saga so far?

    One of my favorites so Far some thing about it attracts me to watching it cant put my finger on it though.
  4. E

    How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    1961 Im pretty old but love this game :)
  5. E

    Offering lots of shinies/legendaries/6iv pokes

    For the None perfect ivs shinys i would take one Bp item for each shiny by none perfect i mean 4/5iv pokes for the 6iv prefer 2
  6. E

    Offering lots of shinies/legendaries/6iv pokes

    Offering:Legendaries Shiny Regirock Shiny entei Regigigas Kyogre Phione Celebi Giratina Dialga Mewtwo X2 Groundon Moltres shiny Zapdos Xerneas Deoxys Shiny deoxys Shiny Ho-oh Shiny Latias Victini X2 Shiny lugia Shiny Rayquaza Shiny articuno Mew Heatran Suicune Shinies im offering: Shiny...