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Search results

  1. Dizzard

    Which famous trainers do you want to see return?

    It seems like the floodgates could be open for the return of a bunch of familiar faces you can battle. Who would you like to see join Cynthia, Wally, Blue and Red? Personally I'm most hoping to see Colress, N and Silver. Do you think any gym leaders, elite four or "miscellaneous" (but still...
  2. Dizzard

    GO I'm having a problem with the game...

    For some reason it seems like I'm only able to connect/load up the game when I'm connected to WiFi. So far the only two times recently that I've been able to get past the login screen is either when I'm at home or using the WiFi on a bus. If I'm just wandering around I'm never able to log in...
  3. Dizzard

    Hello :)

    Hello :) I've been using bulbapedia for a long time now and I've been lurking through these forums the past few days in particular looking at Pokemon Black/White Speculation and news. So I finally decided to join.