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  1. KaylaBaraonda

    Who's your favourite Rainbow Rocket leader?

    Sakartcupo, of course. Wait what, he doesn’t count?
  2. KaylaBaraonda

    Is Nelly Virsaladze (Saki Nationals) based on Latias?

    Yes she is Georgian and her outfit does have similiarities to the Georgian Chokha and it is in the Georgian flag colors but her dress is not actually a Chokha it is more of an unique outfit as anime characters often have unique outfits to recognize cosplayers better, so her outfit is just, a...
  3. KaylaBaraonda

    Human Charater Ethnicity

    Then maybe Regigigas, Groudon, and Kyogre change landmasses around a lot.
  4. KaylaBaraonda

    Human Charater Ethnicity

    Maybe the regions are on different planets. Like, the first four regions are on one planet, Unova on another planet, Kalos yet another planet, Alola yet another planet, and Galar yet another planet.
  5. KaylaBaraonda

    Human Charater Ethnicity

    Basically our Earth but with landmasses closer together, Japan and Korea smaller, Malaysian peninsula also smaller, Malay archipelago smaller and much further north, Australia smaller and somewhat further north, Taiwan, Philipphines, New Zealand, and pacific islands nonhesistent. But then again...
  6. KaylaBaraonda

    Human Charater Ethnicity

    There are various possibilities. 1) The world has the same landmasses we have. Hence it has the same history, races, and ethnicities. Hence the characters are the same ethnicities as whatever their specific region is. Hence the first four regions are mostly Japanese. They (alongside Sevii...
  7. KaylaBaraonda

    What if these two locations existed in the world of Pokemon?

    I think the underwater city would be named Deepcoral City and would be nicknamed "the city where fish swim" While the floating city would be named Highcloud or Skysoar City and would be nicknamed "the city where birds soar" The story is maybe having Pokémon around made it easy to live underwater...
  8. KaylaBaraonda

    Do you think this Sugimori sketch is supposed to be Giovanni as a kid?

    Yes it is not the exact same character as Giovanni, but Giovanni possibly takes some traits from this unused character. Likely originally Giovanni was meant to only be a villain not a gym leader. It could be Bugsy, with a different design.
  9. KaylaBaraonda

    Would you like if Pokémon add a new type?

    I think Light and Sound will eventually get introduced. Or maybe an ability to make a custom type.
  10. KaylaBaraonda

    (Future) Gen 9 Region

    Or Earth gets assimilated by an alien civilization.
  11. KaylaBaraonda

    (Future) Gen 9 Region

    Not the regions themselves, the regions can be anything, they can randomly put uncooked rice on a piece of cardboard and make that the region shape. Or there could eventually be such technology to make the regions neural network generated.
  12. KaylaBaraonda

    (Future) Gen 9 Region

    1) spinoff games don't tend to have continuity with the main games because theyre made by diff people. 2) they could be distant, and people often do affect a lot of slang in their native language too. 3) regions are microstate sized. Just look at their artwork for the games and compare to our...
  13. KaylaBaraonda

    (Future) Gen 9 Region

    Pokémon characters don't usually have surnames and when they do it's usually only in the dub. They'll be named after plant genuses or korean plant names. Not to forget that in Japanese SwSh, Bea is named Saitō , Cara Liss is named Ukattsu, Gordie is named Makuwa, Honey is named Matsuba, Nessa is...
  14. KaylaBaraonda

    Have you ever 'dipped out' of Pokémon?

    Not really dipping out, but despite spending so much time over it, sometimes I find the actual Pokémon games too lame and childish and only read about them to get away from an obsession.
  15. KaylaBaraonda

    The Pokemon World without Pokemon

    If Gamefreak had decided to not actually have any Capumon in the Capumon series (making the title metaphorical) and have just a story about average Japanese kids fighting the Yakuza, then it would have had a slightly different audience and been marketed slightly differently, Red and Green would...
  16. KaylaBaraonda

    Is Ash x Goh going to become the dominant slash pairing in the anime sphere?

    IIRC Koharu's the "companion" (Misty\May\Dawn\Iris\Serena\Lillie equivalent) and Go is a main character just as much as Ash. I think Ash x Go, Ash x Koharu, and Koharu x Go (and Ash x Koharu x Go) will all be common ships in the fandom.
  17. KaylaBaraonda

    Is breeding Canon

    I think Pokémon would reproduce in different ways since in the dex they’re said to have different origins. Like, shuppet line used to be dolls, the gen 6 spooky trees are lost children. And that the eggs are more of cradles. I think that in nature, Pokemon only can breed within their evo line...
  18. KaylaBaraonda

    Do you think someone has named themselves after a Pokémon?

    Yeah is more of they’re species names, than them being fictional names. A name like Ėčømh Üklê isn’t really tied to anything but is still a name someone could choose to have.
  19. KaylaBaraonda

    Do you think someone has named themselves after a Pokémon?

    Well those were names that were already from other cultures/places such as West Asia and South Asia and thus not necessarily named after a Pokémon. Never something like arbok or zubat that isn’t a name but sounds like one. Yeah it’s usually spelt Evie. I think it would have to be a loyal...
  20. KaylaBaraonda

    Do you think someone has named themselves after a Pokémon?

    Pika is somewhat used as a nickname in my hometown (Palermo) and it is short for pikachu. Once at school I had a classmate who was sometimes called Xaty which I think is also the Japanese name of natu or xatu but I don’t think she knows that. One time on the Internet I was also known as: Kaiko...