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Search results

  1. Aurorus

    New artwork

    Hello. I have the official artworks for three characters in Sun and Moon. I have Grimsley, Ryuki, and Burnet. I'm not exactly sure how to upload pictures and change them on the wiki, so if someone wants to tell me how to do it or take it upon themselves I'd be grateful.
  2. Aurorus

    So when can we finally start to edit for Sun/Moon?

    The games have been out for over a week now, and I'd really like to contribute to the wiki. The information seems to be coming out at a snail's pace and I'm sure with the whole community contributing it could be done much faster.
  3. Aurorus


    Hello everyone! I think I should start by saying I pretty grew up on Pokemon. I have so many cards from collecting as a kid and I still have my gameboy color! (Idk if it works though, I haven't used it in a while). I've played almost every main Pokemon game but I haven't really played that...