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    Does anyone have that new "Movies 4-7" Blu-ray?

    I'm wondering how the transfer for Pokémon 4Ever is, seeing as HD broadcasts and Region 2 Blu-ray discs have looked absolutely awful. I'm not sure if I'm going to go for this disc, I might wait to see if Echo Bridge releases one with just the fourth and sixth movies, since I already have last...
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    What time period do you think this generation will take place in?

    In the jump from the first generation to the second generation, three years passed. The same pattern continued in the third and fourth generations, which were respectively synonymous with the first and second. In HeartGold/SoulSilver, a new region is referenced. It is said that this new...
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    Pokémon HG/SS Limited Edition DSi?

    Why have we heard no news for this? Ever since Yellow, we've always gotten one of these. What do you guys expect it to look like?
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    Seasons incorrectly listed

    Just from reading this article, I see many mistakes. Firstly, "Pallet Party Panic, a season 1 episode, is included on the Orange Islands DVDs instead of the Indigo League DVDs." Pallet Party Panic is a season 2 episode. "With 35 episodes, this is the shortest season of the dub." Many similar...
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    HGSS release date discussion

    http://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Gold-Nintendo-DS/dp/B002IFT2PY/ref=pd_bxgy_vg_text_b http://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Silver-Nintendo-DS/dp/B002IFT2Q8/ref=pd_bxgy_vg_text_b Personally, I think these are probably just placeholder dates or something. It's a couple weeks later than they should be...
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    OFFICIAL Pokémon Sunday Thread

    I thought this might be a good idea for a thread as people are usually a bit ticked off at the way people clutter threads with Sunday anticipation, so we'll keep it here this time. :] Last week we saw a preview to this week's episode, and many of us have wondered what Pokémon was hidden...
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    News: Surfing-Volt-Tackling-Flying-Pikachu-Coloured-Notched-Ear-Pichu

    Obviously, this is fake, but is this really the direction we're headed? Why is Pichu suddenly the mascot of Pokémon? Is Nintendo trying to lean toward an even "cuter" mascot? And did they not learn when they tried the same thing with Pichu and Togepi back in Generation II? And more generally...
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    Kanto Trainers' Names

    In the original G/S/C, I believe I read someplace that some of the regular trainers were the same as they were in R/G/B, only with higher-level Pokémon. Is this true, and if so, did they have the same names as their G/S/C counterparts in FR/LG? In HG/SS, I'm curious as to whether they'll...
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    When do Colosseum and XD take place?

    Something that has been on my mind for a long time is the place Colosseum and XD hold within the Pokémon chronology. Obviously, we have no facts stating when they may take place, so this thread will contain theories. Initially, I assumed Colosseum took place at the same time as Ruby...
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    Extended Storyline/Areas

    Well, I've seen many posts on these forums asking for stuff like Giovanni, so I'll provide a few ideas of my own. First of all, I'd like to see a new island region to go along with Sevii, *maybe* incorporating Hoenn music and Pokémon in the same sense that Johto music and Pokémon were used in...
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    Question regarding quality of DVDs

    When reading Dogasu's Kanto comparisons, the English versions always seem to glow and show more colour than the original Japanese shots. Is this a result of the DVD or was the dub always that way? I don't remember it glowing that much...
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    Johto Pokémon in Sinnoh

    Okay, we've been seeing many Johto Pokémon and captures in Sinnoh. Me and JB88 have been discussing this in PM all morning. Assuming Johto remakes are coming, what do you want to see? I really want to see Ash use Cyndaquil or Totodile some more in the Johto Filler Saga, and for the longest...
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    Pocket Monsters Special Movie?

    I was just thinking... Every year, we get a new Pokémon movie. What if, for one year, we got one that WASN'T anime-based, and we instead got something for Pocket Monsters Special? Meh, just a random thought.
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    My First Episode Guide

    Well, I decided to try writing an episode guide! Lucky for me, Alakazam of PokéZam hosted it on his site on this page, but there is really no way for anyone to comment on my work. I'm wondering how I did, how accurate my Japanese understanding was, etc. The episode is "Aipom & Buizel...
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    BMG Picture Thread Glitch

    Whenever I try to go to Page 69, it redirects me back to Page 68... Anyone know what's going on? Is it happening in other threads?
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    Three Word Story

    Okay, I plan on putting a bunch of games I liked to play at Pokémon Highway here... In this game, we write a story together! Everybody posts THREE words per post, and no double posting. Anyway, here's an example... XD375: One night, Alex, Matkin22: (rummaging in his XD375: closet)...
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    Music Discussion

    I've actually been meaning to ask this for months... ...this is the best time. Recently with all the threads on Anime BGM, I think it's time to add a section for Pokémon Music, as this forum has a lot of PokéMusic fanatics. I look at the first few anime discussion threads and over half of...
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    About the spambots

    I have a way we can protect ourselves from them. Okay, make a new "I'm new" section, and require the members to post there before they can post elsewhere. This can be done in vBulletin, I'm sure. This way if they're a spambot, we'll easily find their posts, and if not, at least we were...
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    Paul's Family?!?

    (I hate calling him Paul...dang, why couldn't they choose something more-suiting?) When we get to Veilstone, will we end up meeting them? What will their opinion on Ash be? Will we discover a bad influence for Paul/Shinji? An interesting plot would be giving Paul a sister who...
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    Pokémon Theme Single

    I honestly never knew this existed until yesterday when I was on Dogasu's Backpack looking at the English CD guide for the first time... Check this out! Does anyone have the MP3s from this CD?