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Search results

  1. Soulweaver

    GEN VI: Any Diancie

    Seeing as this was decided to be store event only, I missed out on getting one, yet I want one. I don't really care which region it is from, if it's touched or not, its IVs, or if it's cloned; as long as it isn't hacked, I'm fine with it. In exchange, I can offer one of my spare banked...
  2. Soulweaver

    Assorted fodder and such for free

    Update: everything released as per the deadline notice at the bottom. I've been Wonder Trading a lot, mostly to improve my ID number coverage, but slowly I've come to the point that I don't have much box space left. Someone could have use for some of these though (collecting IDs, filling dex...
  3. Soulweaver

    GEN VI: Any Korean origin Pokémon

    Despite my efforts at dumping 150+ Pokémon on Wonder Trade at different times and scouring the GTS now and then, I've failed to get my hands on a single Korean Pokémon. For what it's worth, all I really want for now is at least one KOR entry on the Pokédex, but I'll welcome as many entries as...
  4. Soulweaver

    A few evolutionary stones

    Hello! I once had a want thread here for a lot of Gen I-IV Pokémon here, but some of the trades ultimately failed to go through and thus I'm still missing a few. If you can offer any of these, I'd be glad to trade with you: * Nidoran♂ * Machop * Duskull * Buneary Additionally, I need the...
  5. Soulweaver


    I'm looking for the newly released Keldeo for my Black Version. Can't offer that much, I have a spare set of the other musketeers, a GameStop Celebi, and Tornadus and Thundurus (both of these have Pokérus and Thundurus has also gained a bit of EXP). Can also trade for multiples of these if...
  6. Soulweaver

    Any Archen

    So, basically I'm looking for any Archen for my White 2 team. Preferable levels would be 20+ no more than Lv.14 unless Wing Attack is preserved but I don't mind raising one from Lv.1 either. As I'm still playing through the main story, I can't offer much but I should be able to get most Pokémon...
  7. Soulweaver

    First stage wants

    So... After going through my dex, it seems that these are the first stage Pokémon I'm still missing in my Black. I don't have much to offer, feel free to ask any first stager not on the list. Can also breed DW Taillow (Scrappy), Natu (Magic Bounce), Sentret (Frisk), Bidoof (Moody), Mareep...
  8. Soulweaver

    Global Trade Station Conversational Thread (Read First Post)

    This is a common chat thread for the Trade Center, in which you can discuss anything (that doesn't violate the forum rules, of course). Happy chatting! If you're looking for trades of any kind, be sure to start a thread!
  9. Soulweaver

    Bulbagarden's Photographic Expedition

    The title is not entirely mine so don't judge me :-p Just post your pics of your encounters with animals of any size. Doesn't matter what kind of environment you took it either. Just post pics :p I don't have much to contribute in the start, but... A frog I encountered at work at my dad's...