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  1. ReadsALotOfBooks

    The Nuzlocke Thread

    Post updates on Nuzlockes here. For example, my Shuppet died, Cucumber, and I replaced it with a Sharpedo, Broccoli. My Pelipper died, Turnip, and I replaced it with my Shiny Wingull, Grapefruit. My Loudred died, I replaced it with a Phanpy, Brussels Sprout. (Actually BruselSprt, but hey!)
  2. ReadsALotOfBooks


    How do you think your favorite Hoenn locations will be redesigned; IN 3D!!! :naughty: I can't wait to see Route 113, all that ash.
  3. ReadsALotOfBooks

    Sign Ups Rebels: A "Bad Guy" RP

    You've signed up for Team Rocket-not because of their ideas, but because you need the money. You do your job well, and you and your friends are promoted to Commander. You now have access to most of Giovanni's files. But, you and your new Rocket friends disagree with the Boss's ideals. You will...
  4. ReadsALotOfBooks

    GEN VI: WANTED: Female Piplup, Hidden Ability

    Yea, I want a female Piplup, with hidden ability, possibly from somewhere other than USA, cause I want to have a boss Empoleon. I have a Piplup, male, that I got over Wonder Trade, from someone's Wonder Trade Wednesday, with Egg Moves. If anyone wants one afterwards, give me your friend code...
  5. ReadsALotOfBooks


    Hi there, I'm a late-ish bloomer, starting Pokemon in Gen IV. I am sorta a Shiny Hunter, but not so much, and I need advice on ways to stream/record DS or N3DS games; and my favorite Pokemon is Typhlosion. (Favorite Shiny, by the way, is Fearow, so BOSS) I'm new here, but glad to be here...