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    Trainer PR Videos

    You may or may not have done this already, but in South Boulevard of Lumiose City there is a building where you can make short ten second videos of yourself and/or your pokemon. I suppose it's the musical/pokestar studios of this generation. If you have made one what do you think of it? I think...
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    GEN VI: LF: Sturdy Bergmite

    I am looking for a bergmite with it's hidden ability, sturdy. I can offer protean frogadiers, magician braixens, and shadow tag gothoritas.
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    Looking for a Water Stone

    I need a water stone, but Black City doesn't have them in stock. Can anyone trade me a patrat or something with a water stone equipped? I can trade other stones.
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    Looking for a Pokemon With Pokerus

    I need any pokemon with pokerus. I have pokemon with beneficial natures and egg moves.
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    Why grass?

    As a pokemon fan the grass type doesn't seem weird, but if you actually think about it why grass? Why not plant. Grass is just a common plant, but grass type is pretty much plant type. I don't really care it's just weird to me.
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    Contest Dewott vs. Floatzel

    vs. It's the battle of the otters! The samurai otter and the Weasel-Otter. Who is the better battler? Who is cooler? Who would you want to have? Who has a cooler head tuft? Who has the better design? Who do you like best overall? Scalchop or Floatation Sac?
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    Are high power stat-lowering moves worth it?

    Do you think high power stat-lowering moves worth it, like Overheat, Draco Meteor, and Leaf Storm worth it? Or is it better to use a weaker move with no drawbacks? For instance, you could use Heat Wave, however most pokemon that learn Overheat can also learn Fire Blast (which has no drawbacks...
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    Contest Mightyena vs. Manectric

    vs. It's the battle of the Hoenn canines! Who's better in battle? Who's design do you like better? Who's cooler? Who would you like as a pet? Personally I prefer Manectric.
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    Would you want a pokepark 2?

    I never got pokepark wii, but I thought it looked interesting. Is there anyone who has it that thought it was a great game and would like a sequel with Unova pokemon? From what I know I would like to be able to run around in the main game as other pokemon than just pikachu. (I know you can be...
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    The Injured Pokemon

    When you first meet Skyla she runs off to Celestial Tower to help an injured pokemon. When you get to the top she has already healed it and it flew off. What was that pokemon?
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    Pokemon you didn't think you would use

    Are there any pokemon in your party that you love, but weren't originally going to use/didn't like? I liked lilipup, but not it's evolutions. I caught one on route 1 however because I was going to use one in the beginning until I found other pokemon. Now however, I have a stoutland and it's not...
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    The Angel Pokemon

    It's made from Gardevoir, Shedinja's halo, and Swanna's opened wings. (from the animation) The hair color is Jynx's and the eye and chest thing's color are also Jynx's.
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    Contest Altaria vs. Swellow vs. Pelipper

    It's a battle of the Hoenn birds! vs. vs. Who has a better design? Who is more useful? Who would you have on your team? Who is the cutest? Who is the coolest?
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    How many individuals exist for legendary pokemon species?

    So I've always believed some there are multiple legendary pokemon for some species, but not for others. I'd think there are multiple mews and celebis, but not multiple groudons and palkias. However there may be multiple groudons and you can get a newborn palkia from the arceus event. What do you...
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    Official Pokemon US

    There was a channel on Youtube called Official Pokemon US that had BW episodes and some of the movies. Now however when I try to go to it it says "This channel is not available. " If it was Official why would it no longer exist?
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    My Sprites (Please critique)

    Here they are: Click them for a bigger version.
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    The claim an item thread

    This is the claim an item thread. I didn't find one with search so I this is the place to claim an item. Rules: Notes: Berries and Medicine will not be covered in this claim thread. Also due to the large amount of items two items may be claimed by one user. The List I will...
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    Contest Whimsicott vs. Ampharos

    It's the grass sheep with an abundant amount of cottony wool vs. the electric sheep with no wool to show. Whimsicott Ampharos: Who has the best design? Who is most useful? Which would you use? I bet you can't guess my favorite!
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    Pokestar's Splice Contest!

    For this contest you must take any non-ghost (emphasis! XD) type pokemon and turn it into a ghost. You may use any ghost type's parts and colors to make the sprite. I will score you 1-10 depending on: Is the sprite as ghost-type (If it is it's an auto 0) Does the sprite look like a ghost...
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    Why is flying super-effective against grass?

    Why? wind will rustle a tree's branchs, but it won't knock it over?(Admittedly a tornado would.)