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  1. Esserise

    The Macro Cosmos chase sequence in SwSh lives rent-free in my brain

    I came across this post today on the front page of r/pokemon, in which the OP attempts to provide a rationale for why Rose was so impatient to start the Darkest Day. I more-or-less agree with their assessment, although I interpret things a bit less sinisterly than they do (I personally wouldn't...
  2. Esserise

    The Lorekeepers' Club (An all-purpose thread for deep dives about how the Pokémon world works)

    The other thread says to me that there's potential in the overall continuity of the Pokémon games for good discussion. Here's a place to generate a dialogue and discuss your analyses and theories and anything else about the setting's continuity and world details. Keep it polite though! For my...
  3. Esserise

    The 'mons have eyes... or do they?

    I recently felt compelled to compile a list of all the Pokémon that have either more or less than the standard two eyes. However, what I thought would be a relatively simple task turned out to have a lot of ambiguities. In many cases, if it's not overtly obvious that some aspect of a Pokémon's...
  4. Esserise

    Pokémon epithets

    I got to thinking about all the times that species of Pokémon have been referred to by other names or been given folk titles of sorts. At least within the games, anyway - so I decided to start compiling a list, mostly for my own interest. I wouldn't call this exhaustive yet, but here's what I've...
  5. Esserise

    What small/subtle/minor details do you like in older games?

    The SwSh variant of this topic is full of so many neat observations, and Pokémon is such a replayed series that I feel like people are always finding new appreciation for elements that they might've glossed over originally. So I thought it'd be fun to keep that going with a place to note cool...
  6. Esserise

    Currency Panic

    So with these games we have at least five different forms of currency: Standard money, used for purchasing items from Poké Marts, clothing, and makeovers Battle Points, which can be exchanged for goods at the Battle Tower and in Hammerlocke Watts, used for commerce with Watt Traders throughout...
  7. Esserise

    GEN VII: LF: Own Tempo Rockruff

    Hi all! I’m doing an Ultra Sun playthrough at the moment and am interested in using a Dusk Form Lycanroc, so I am looking for someone who is willing to breed an Own Tempo Rockruff for me. I’m not looking for the original OT Rockruff with the Cherish Ball or anything, I just need access to the...
  8. Esserise

    If Team Skull is made up of former trial-goers, where are their Z-Rings?

    I've been replaying the Alola games, and this occurred to me. Obviously it's well-known by now that at least some of Team Skull's composition is people who failed to complete their island challenges, and as a result, became aimless and disaffected to the point that they now interfere with and...
  9. Esserise

    Name at least one thing that each Gen did better than its immediate successor

    It's not all upward improvement! Sometimes a new generation brings along a new idea or interpretation that just doesn't quite work as well as the one it's trying to replace. I'm curious to see which "downgrades" stand out to everyone from each generational transition. Just to be clear, this is...
  10. Esserise

    Rebuilding the Ultra Beasts

    Hi all. As I was going to sleep last night, my mind wandered over to the Ultra Beasts, of which I am enormous fan. But something I've always felt was rather underwhelming about them is how the game mechanics, in my opinion, really don't sufficiently capture their alien and unique...
  11. Esserise

    Spoilers Looks like it's leak time, friends (CROWN TUNDRA SPOILERS!!!!)

    Starting to get what look like leaks from Pokémon HOME. I'll update this post as we receive more. very pixelated images that seem to correspond to the new Regis, Calyrex, its steeds, and the fused forms HOME renders of the Galarian Birds, with Shinies (they use the Kantonian color schemes...
  12. Esserise

    Favorite Gigantamax Form

    I'm curious to see if there's any Gigantamax Form in particular that has appealed to people, so please vote for and talk about which ones you like the most! Here's Bulbapedia's list, for pictures. I think my top favorites are Hatterene and Machamp. When I think about Gigantamax, I tend to...
  13. Esserise

    Rank your favorite post-game stories

    Why not throw this one into the mix? I was just inspired by my conversation with @Puddle in the optimistic-about-the-future thread, that since we've had several of these now that can be compared and contrasted, it might be interesting to see which ones everyone prefers. I'm only going to...
  14. Esserise

    Is breeding Canon

    So like, obviously it is, since eggs have been part of like, plots and stuff But sometimes I do wonder if it would maybe make more sense from a worldbuilding perspective to treat breeding and eggs as nothing more than a game mechanic, with Pokémon actually reproducing in ways that make sense...
  15. Esserise

    Spoilers Since we know that the levels scale in the DLC, how does this affect your team plans?

    I'm curious as to whether players want to go through more adventures with their existing team, or take advantage of this new leveling paradigm to start with a whole new team of fresh Lv5s or something, to experiment with different species. Or if you just want to see what you happen to catch on...
  16. Esserise

    Looks like we know where Rainbow Giovanni teleported to

    USUM Giovanni: "Hah... That boy/girl had quite some talent... Now...what new world shall I unleash my evil schemes upon...?" ?????: "Earth is where I shall unleash my evil schemes next!" lol
  17. Esserise

    What are the first five things each region makes you think of?

    Just a fun idea that came to me. Pretty much exactly what the title says - think of a Pokémon region, and rattle off the top 5 things you associate with it the most. It can be a Pokémon, a feature, a character, a location, or anything really. I'm curious to see what everyone's most immediate...
  18. Esserise

    Speculation Have we really seen Necrozma's "true" form? A long, extensive analysis.

    Hello all. I've recently been playing through Ultra Moon, and got to the Ultra Necrozma fight the other day. There is something on that subject which has been on my mind for quite some time, that I can't really make heads or tails of, and that battle brought my questions back up to the surface...
  19. Esserise

    Totem... Stickers!?

    Certainly the most dismissable element in today’s reveal, but I suppose it deserves a thread. So, we can collect Totem Stickers from around the region, in a manner similar to SM’s Zygarde Cell collection (it may even be a replacement for that). Once we have enough, we can talk to Samson Oak in...
  20. Esserise

    Which do you prefer: The Abandoned Ship or Sea Mauville?

    Since we've also got the Battle Frontier poll right now, I thought this would be fitting. Lately, I've been sort of loosely replaying Emerald, since I haven't actually touched the original Hoenn games in years. To my surprise, I can almost seem to tolerate them more than the Gen 4 games; the...