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    Shiny Charmander

    Hey, I'm looking for a shiny Charmander. Preferably Male Neutral nature Without a nickname Egg moves are OK. Offering: Shiny Azumaril Luvdisc Drifblim Grumpig Lickilicky Flygon White version exclusives. All starters.
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    Welcome To The Salty Spitoon

    ...How Tough Are Ya?
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    Two Things Ive Noticed About BW

    1) If you teach a move to a Pokemon that is weak or unaffected to the TM the PP will drop. 2) In the Summary of a Pokemon it will show which stats will rise and fall due to the Nature. Anyone else found things like this?
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    Contest Celebi VS Manaphy VS Victini

    VS. VS. Imagine these Pokemon as starters, which would you chose. Which would you prefer? Who would be the best battler? Which one would be the most useful? Would you like them to evolve?
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    Contest Bisharp VS Gallade

    VS Both Bisharp and Gallade have a Humanoid figure, a helmet design and blades on their arms but which would you bet on if they duked it out!. Whose design do you prefer? Which would be the better fighter? Who one is the most useful?
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    An Idiot-Proof Guide To Pokemon Breeding

    A Guide on How to breed in the Pokemon games. http://i54.tinypic.com/2ilebva.jpg
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    The Gratuitous Hotties Thread

    Well.....not had one in here and I need cheering up. So the rules 1) Its hotties so that isnt gender specific, whatever floats your respective boats or even if you wanna post one for the girls/boys 2) NO GRAPHIC PICS!! Any posted will get deleted Im sure as otherwise the nice BMGf guys...
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    Kyurem in the Third Version

    Black: It generates a powerful, freezing energy inside itself, but its body became frozen when the energy leaked out. White: It can produce ultracold air. Its body is frozen. Self explanatory - a thread dedicated to the most obvious contender for mascot of the third game in the Unova series...
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    Your PokeBro

    ITT show us your PokeBro and tell us why it is Bro Tier My PokeBro is this guy Why?. Super Luck + Night Slash/Psycho Cut/Stone Edge + Scope Lens/Razor Claw = DETRUCTION! It predicts disasters.....YOUR disaster!
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    Where does everyone get their BW Sprites from?

    Im looking for BW Sprites in .gif format and Ive noticed users with them, where can I find them?, Is there a full list of them instead of Googling them?
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    Six Degrees Of Separation

    Six Degrees of Separation is a game where you must find something in common with the post above you. HOW TO PLAY You must post something that relates to the post above you, if done correctly we will have a chain. RULES *You can post video links or pictures *Posts without relations are not...
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    If a Movie/TV Character or Celebrity Was a Pokemon

    Well the title says it all, what if a Movie/TY character was a Pokemon!. Character Tpye Ability Moveset Example Rules * Try to provide a picture if you can * The moves dont have to be the same type as the Character but they must match their characteristics
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    Leveling Up Pokemon

    Im looking for good Pokemon to train up anybody have any recommendations?
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    Max to return in the new BW series?

    I was think to myself if Max would return to the new series with the Ralts he told he would wait for until he was older(Presuming he is now 10 and has started his journey). Thoughts?
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    Yellow smilie in the bottom right corner

    in the "summary" section of your pokemon what does the little yellow smilie with the red outline mean?