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    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [CANCELLED]

    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 Round 1 Guidelines Get your matches done by 14th of April 2012 We're using Smogon Tiers The banlists will be the Smogon banlist All Unreleased Pokemon are not allowed Have fun! You need to post about your activity (whether you contacted your opponent...
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    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [Auction]

    NOBODY EXCEPT THE CAPTAINS, ANGAD, AND ME CAN POST IN THIS THREAD. THIS IS A MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR RULE. The Teams: -Drake's Dragons (C: GengarEatBanana) -Mischevious Heart (C: Synthesis) -The Beedrils (C: Trainer-c) -Team Unown (C: S.G.) -The Brisinger Trainers (C: GameCodeTrainer) Here is...
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    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [Sign Up Thread]

    Bulbagarden Champions League Season 2 Welcome back one and all, to the second season of the Bulbagarden Champions League! We saw some great matches last time around and had a lot of fun. We saw the Bulba-Bad Asses win the first ever season of BCL. This time around we hope to provide you all...
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    Badal's Harmonies!

    Badal's Harmonies! So I've been into music for a while. I play quite a few instruments: Tabla- Been learning it for 8 years. Have the license to teach Drums- 3 Years Guitar- 4 years. Keyboard- Can play by ear Singing- From basically when I was young Any other Percussion Instrument. My Music...
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    Bulbagarden Champions League [Won By Bulba-Bad Asses]

    League Table Player standings: Rules: Gen 5 OU [Sim]: Gen 4 OU [Sim] Gen 4 OU [Wi-Fi]: Gen 4 UU [Wi-Fi]: Match-Ups: vs The Crew (2) vs The Brisinger Trainers (1) Gen 5 OU [Sim]: pkmnr vs Troggy Gen 4 OU [Sim]: sqwat500 vs pman Gen 4 OU [Wi-Fi]: Johto...
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    Excessive Lag

    Until a few days ago everything was fine, but since then the amount of lag has increased and severed so much that it takes almost a few minutes to load the forums. No other site is giving me any issues. With the release of B/W coming up soon, I think we should take care of this since activity...
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    Pokémon Tournament/League

    Bulbagarden Competitive Development Hello, I was looking through the IPGL and saw that there was a lack of actual activity. With the development of our tiering system and our own Pokémon Online Server, I figured that we should expand into being able to support a fully functional...
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    Pokémon Online Server

    Considering that we have a fairly large communtiy of battlers, coolking and me were talking, this time around we may have a better chance of getting a PO sever set up considering that we will have more users using it. Quoting an earlier thread with a change (shoddy to PO) So can't we use...
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    Simple Question Simple Answers Thread

    Since mafia is relatively new to Bulbagarden, I felt that it would be helpful if there was an SQSA thread for the users. Therefore anyone can post questions here regarding how mafia is played or any questions that pertain to intellectual games.
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    Mafia [Standard] Harry Potter Mafia [ABANDONED]

    Harry Potter Mafia I Preface: The reason why its "standard" and not beginners is because there will be some different stuff going on and that may be a bit tougher for new users to follow. But anyone can join. Due to the timeframe, etc. Only a small amount of players will be admitted into...
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    Account Sharing

    Is it possible to unlink an account after haloween? Since it is really annoying with that small button that you have and it makes it tougher to access your page (you can't click your name in the top right to go to your profile) I'm lazy. I find it annoying, as long as I don't use the haloween...
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    Bulbagarden Idol [Round 4]

    Bulbagarden Idol The Karaoke Contest ROUND 1 The theme for this round will be: Any Song! Yes that's right, you can do any song from any time from anywhere, no limitations. Deadline; 26th October Remember you can't do a song thats already been claimed Yes you can change...
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    Pokémon Battle & Get

    Are you excited? I'm interested in it, I hope its compatible with other DS games and I will probably get it when it does come out. Its an interesting idea!
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    Mafia PokéMafia [VILLAGE WIN!] (GAME OVER) mods can close the thread.

    PokéMafia hosted by badalcristiano and coolking49 Welcome to the first mafia game on Bulbagarden forums. Mafia is a game of deception, where there are 3 factions, a village consisting of a majority of the people, and the mafia, consisting of fewer, more powerful people, and they know who...
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    Sense in Pokémon

    So What do you say, has GameFreak not thought about what they write?
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    Arcade Error

    This happened to me several times. I was playing Funky Pong and I beat the record of 10500 something and I got 10689 and then when I submitted my score it said what it does in the picture below except the Error number was #1 and then I played Simon and I got a good score and I got this...
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    PokéArt- Drawing pokemon in a unique manner!

    So I am finally trying out my hand at Art. I know I am a terrible artist thanks for pointing it out. Now, I will be drawing pokemon for you!!! This style of drawing is started by a friend-Kinneas. I have taken his permission to use this kind of art. Here are the pokemon I've drawn so far...
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    500: An award ceremony

    Hey, to celebrate my 500th post I shall finally make my introduction thread. :7up::7up: Because thats how I roll... :yahoo: So welcome me! :D "Hey, guys I've been here for about 7 months and I have loved each and every moment of it and thus to commemorate the occasion I will be giving out...
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    The Bulbacast website hasn't been opening for me

    Hi so the Bulbacast website hasn't been opening for me.. EVER I took a screenshot so here it is.. I almost always get this error Let me correct myself I always get this error: How can I fix this and is it something to do with my comp or with the server in general?
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    Pokéwalker Record Books

    *Insert Awesome story about the pokewalker!* Here you post the most number of steps you have taken in a DAY! You need to post it in this format: Username: HG or SS: Proof: Steps: Which Pokemon: Which Route (If you remember): I will try to maintain a leaderboard, but if there are too many, then...