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  1. Master Mew

    Weird Delays

    I recently switched internet providers for higher speed internet and one thing I noticed, which I had always attributed before to my slow download speed, was a certain latency on Bulbagarden whenever I click buttons along the top ("Welcome," "Notifications," etc.) before the page even begins to...
  2. Master Mew

    RMT [ΩRαS OU]: Buzz Kill

    Disclaimer: Hive never claimed to be good at team building (or puns), so bee kind, please. :-p ΩRαS OU: Buzz Kill Hey folks! I've never exactly been an, erm... "threatening" competitive battler anyway, and I'm completely new to the ΩRαS metagame, so I'd greatly...
  3. Master Mew

    Forced Ambivalence

    My ability to "Like" posts has disappeared. I brought this up privately a little over a week ago but figured I'd mention it here just in case anyone else has experienced this issue. The "Like" button is entirely absent as an option for me in Chrome and Internet Explorer on my pc, as well as...
  4. Master Mew

    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #5: Why is Six Afraid of Se7en? (SitR, Lady Macabre, Selenium)

    Se7en, a deadly shapeshifter with the ability to become his hosts, is plotting to create an artifact that can devolve humankind with a strange radiation effect. Se7en has found the perfect said artifact, the Torch of the Statue of Liberty in America's most populated city - New York City. Se7en...
  5. Master Mew

    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #4: Laughing Mad (Kanon Shirogane & Mister Insufferable)

    The Cheshire Cat, the sociopathic, Glasgow Grinning villain, is up to no good. As the first step toward his ultimate goal of creating his own distorted version of paradise, he is attempting to create a chemical weapon, "Wonderland Serum". To do this, Chesh must steal and secure an incredibly...
  6. Master Mew

    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #3: Maché Kills (Flaze & Mitsune Haku)

    The villain Jack Kampfer has embarked on a deadly seven-murder killing spree, in an attempt to complete an obscure ritual to open a gateway to Hell itself! And where else but in the heart of Sin City itself, Las Vegas! Will Sharpedge be able to stop Jack in time, or will carnage reign supreme?
  7. Master Mew

    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #2: Swords and Sorcery (Glitchipedia & Parma)

    The search for Mark Mitchell leads Magister through the swamps of Parma, Ohio. His journey there is short lived when he gets a call regarding suspicious activities in Cleveland. Blade's goal is destroy the mayor and plunge the city into an even larger state of despair. Will Magister stop...
  8. Master Mew

    ROGUES GALLERY - Issue #1: Riches vs Rags (AutumnBreeze & Paperhorse)

    Acting upon the orders of the terrorist organization Dragonfly, Mac is infiltrating the headquarters of Murphy's Deforestation Company in Des Moines, Iowa. She has a specific goal in mind... Will the Vigorous Vigilante be able to stop her in time?
  9. Master Mew

    Directly Linking to Posts

    Is there any way, at all, to hotlink to specific forum posts that will work for people not using the forum default 15-posts-per-page setting? I've managed to manually produce URLs that will link to the correct pages, but even then they have to be keyed in directly to the address bar because if...
  10. Master Mew

    Sign Ups ROGUES GALLERY: Season 3 - Superhero Roleplays (Sign-Ups ALWAYS Open)

    Back by popular demand! What is it? How Does it Work? Registration Form Read These! Official Rules _________________________________________________________ Current Characters Characters marked with an asterisk (*) are currently unavailable as they are participating in an active Plot...
  11. Master Mew

    GEN VI: IV-Bred Shiny Noivern/Malamar

    Greetings! While sifting through Serebii's Pokedex checking out the shiny models of Kalos' new pokemon, I discovered two stunningly beautiful creatures: Shiny Noivern and Shiny Malamar. So now I'm looking to adopt one or both of them. :-p I'd really, really prefer competitively bred...
  12. Master Mew

    Trappings of Success - OU (RMT)

    *Rolls up sleeves* Alright folks, I don't play in Smogon's tiers very often and the learning curve is steep so be patient with me. :-p Critical yet tactful feedback is appreciated. So... would you say this team has the trappings of success? Eh? Eh...? See what I did there? Because there are...
  13. Master Mew

    Best Strategies for Omot (i.e. "How to use my beloved Venomoth effectively")

    So I'll cut to the chase: Venomoth has always been one of my favorite pokémon, so when I spotted a shiny 5IV Venomoth on the GTS I enthusiastically waved goodbye to my Yveltal and snatched him up. :lol: This was kind of risky, given that a.) anyone can say their pokémon has five flawless IVs...
  14. Master Mew

    Competitive Beedrill

    Yes, it's an oxymoron, I know. Playing with Beedrill on your team is like playing with a handicap, but this spiky wasp is one of my favorite pokemon, so bear with me here: Hypothetically, let's say that (for some awful reason) you were building a team and you were required to have Beedrill on...
  15. Master Mew

    GEN VI: Wanted: Low Speed Articuno for Trick Room

    Hello all! I'm looking for a zero (or nearly zero) Speed IV Articuno for use on a Trick Room team. Preferably with otherwise high IVs in Special Defense, Special Attack, HP, and Defense (prioritized in that order) and preferably Kalos native (pentagon symbol) for maximum ruleset eligibility...
  16. Master Mew

    Break the Ice (Mono-Type ❉ RMT)

    ❆ Break the Ice ❆ A few notes about this team: 1.) It is very gimmicky. 2.) It runs the already unpopular weather condition Hail in a meta where the popularity of weather in general has declined. 3.) It runs some weird pokémon choices. 4.) It is designed with Battle Spot Doubles...
  17. Master Mew

    The Ebullient Eevee Emporium - Taking Requests!

    Welcome to the The Ebullient Eevee Emporium, your destination for equipotent Eevees! Contact Information: PM: Click Here Friend Code: 2595-1198-0821 Trainer Name: Matt Our Inventory Updated: 2/23/14 Number Gender Ability Nature Individual Values (IVs) Moves Pokéball...
  18. Master Mew

    Sign Ups ROGUES GALLERY: New Beginnings - A Superhero Roleplay (Non-Pokémon) SIGN-UPS OPEN

    The Original (Season One) What is it? How Does it Work? Registration Form Official Rules Current Characters Characters marked with an asterisk (*) are currently unavailable as they are participating in an active Plot Characters marked with a strikethrough (strikethrough) are...
  19. Master Mew

    Mafia BIBLE MAFIA ✦ 5/20/13 ✦ The End Hath Come

    "There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven: a time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot; a time to kill and a time to heal; a time to tear down and a time to build; a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to...
  20. Master Mew

    Regarding the Hosting Queue & Game Cap

    Greetings, denizens of the War Room! Over the past few days the Staff have been discussing possible adjustments to the Hosting procedures in the War Room. We would like to hear your input on this topic. Here are the options we're looking into: Option A.) Reinstate the Hosting Queue and Retain...