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    Legendary Master's house of sprites

    Ask away. I can do these fast, but when I want to. Don't rush me, please. I can do: Splices: Specify the pokemon, sprites you want me to use, and who is base. Recolors: Pokemon and recolor scheme Sprite add-ons: Additional things you want to be added to the sprite, and the...
  2. L

    Your worst nightmares come alive

    I bring you to, Bidoofeus!
  3. L

    My first attempt at splicing

    Note: This was a request from my friend, he wanted the part black and the back legs still there.
  4. L

    My new pokemon sigs

    I took a look at a tutorial for GIMP, and i decided to make these things. And if you want, you can use any of these. in order of when i made them. I would like any and all critiscism on how i can improve, i would like critiscism on my second graphic best, though.
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    Wierdest phone call

    I just got the wierdest call on my game. It was from "Britney". She starts screaming at me like a teacher. Then she says she has the wrong number. I'm left like "WTF? Who is she to lecture me?!" So what is your wierdest phone call so far?
  6. L


    I can't believe there isn't a thread for this already. this is the shipping for Elekid and Piplup both loving Marill. so let the conversation begin. I personally like this shipping because it is a funny one. but what do you think?
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    Star Wars: Imperial Conquest(sign-up)

    In this, you are a member of the 501st Legion, the most elite clones. We have been given orders to capture all the planets we can and to root out the rebels. This is like Star Wars Battlefront 2 galactic conquest, but with different locations at different times, and we are the ones doing it. We...
  8. L


    hey guys, im pokemonmaster555, and im just saying hello, and its nice to have joined