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    The Night Before Christmas

    (first off if this does not belong here please tell me where it would go. I don't have enough time to wait for a response to my question) well then, heres a fun little game, we are going to re-write the night before Christmas The Absolis style. its fairly simple, ill start by re-writing a...
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    Speculation XY power plant discoverys.

    Today I got a message from my friend MegaLucario01 saying that she discovered a fourth locked door to the power plants. Everything I have heard of said that after you liberate the power plant there is only three. It appears that we are on the first step of unlocking their mystery. If.you...
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    I have a question that has been plagueing me for about a year now. It is a question that you should think about before you answer. Now, the question is... there are two doors. You must choose one. One door holds 100,000 dollars of tax free money that you may use for anything with no catch what...
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    good aftermorning

    Good after morning and a merry new day. I am popcorn3155. I am the biggest Pokemon within a thirty mile radius of my position in death valley. My collection of Pokemon extends to over 15,000 items of Pokemon merchandise (most of which are Pokemon cards) my favorite being an ultra rare foil...