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  1. Caite-chan

    Legendary for trade

    With working on my Living Shiny Dex I have come across several Shiny Legendary Pokemon for my Dex so I have the following NON SHINY Legendary Pokemon for trade and I'm looking for Shiny Pokemon to add to my Dex. :D If they have the OT Name of Caite-chan or Caitlin they are mine that I have...
  2. Caite-chan

    MATURE: Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After Petey Williams has finally had enough of the abuse and torment and demands a divorce from his wife. It is now 5 years later and a new Knockout has arrived in TNA Wrestling. Can she get through and break him of his fears? Will they live happily ever after or is Petey's fear to...
  3. Caite-chan

    COMPLETE: Goodbye For Now (EVERYONE)

    Goodbye For Now! The short Canadian made his way quietly down the hall with his suitcase behind him. He paused for a moment looking into his son’s bedroom to see him sound asleep in bed. It was 3am and he had a flight to catch in little less than three hours and he still hadn't told his son...
  4. Caite-chan

    Storms! Your thoughts on them

    Well with the recent bout of storms happening in the Southern US and how bad it's been it's brought me to this. Do you fear storms? Are you like a kid in a candy store when it comes to storms? I myself have a big fear of storms. I've never liked them even as a kid. I think the most part...
  5. Caite-chan

    Caite-chan's Breeding Center [UPDATED: 7/17]

    RULES: - Follow board rules - No hacks or cheats - Don't back out at the last minute - Don't rush me if I'm getting something specific for you - I'm not a shiny or IV expert so don't expect them from me. - I do NOT trade my legendary Pokemon. TRAINERS INFO: Name: Caitlin In Game Name...
  6. Caite-chan

    How do you organize your storage boxes?

    With X & Y out it is easy to collect Pokemon from everywhere and in different languages. So the question is "How do you organize your boxes?" I started in White 2 where I was putting them in boxes according to what level they were, if they were shiny, legendary or a hack from my friends. Now...
  7. Caite-chan

    Caite-chan's Breeding Center UPDATED: 11/1/13

    RULES: - Follow board rules - No hacks or cheats - Don't back out at the last minute - Don't rush me if I'm getting something specific for you - I'm not a shiny expert so don't expect them from me. - I do NOT trade my legendary Pokemon. TRADER INFO: Name: Caitlin In Game Name...
  8. Caite-chan

    Writers Block

    Yes I'm stealing the name of this section for my thread title...LOL! Anyways for anyone who's reading my newest fan fic "Loving Hope" will notice that I've gotten up to chapter 4 posted. This is the third version I'm working on for said story. The first version I did was just all over the...
  9. Caite-chan

    COMPLETE: To My True Love (EVERYONE)

    To My True Love Valentine’s Day is usually a day were couples love on each other by spending ungodly amounts of money. They will buy thing from flowers and chocolate to lingerie and dinner. But for some Valentine’s Day is just another day they would rather forget because of the history it...
  10. Caite-chan

    MATURE: Loving Hope!

    Loving Hope After being abused Petey Williams has reached his breaking point and demanded a divorce. It's now been almost 5 years since he's been married. Will he be able to find that special someone or will it be to late? And will that special someone be able to get him to love again? RATED...
  11. Caite-chan


    How many of you do cosplay? And if you do, do you go to Anime Conventions? Do you buy your costume or make it yourself? I got into cosplaying a few years ago thanks to my friends. We've done several conventions already. We're from the Detroit, MI area so we've got several options. I have to say...
  12. Caite-chan

    MATURE: You're All I Ever Wanted!

    You're All I Ever Wanted Two different worlds come together but who knew it would end up like this. After getting a divorce and putting an end to a painful marriage Petey ends up finding someone special and falling hard for her. The problem is with her line of work she's always on the go as a...
  13. Caite-chan

    COMPLETE: Like Father Like Son (TEEN)

    Authors Note: Jackson, Finn, Noah, Audrey, Brooklyn and Brian belongs to both Ashley and I. Ajay and Kenzie belongs to Ashley. Like Father Like Son! Written By: Caitlin Jackson was in his locker room getting ready for his very first match in TNA. Ajay sat on the sofa feeding Brian as she...
  14. Caite-chan


    *Waves* Hey. Some of you may know me from the "other two" Pokemon boards if you know what I'm talking about...lol. I have finally made my way here. Those of you who know me from said other two places know my love of Wrestling and Hockey and the fact that I'm part French-Canadian. :D My...