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    Need help with my signature!

    I am trying to put a .gif of each pokemon in my team, but when i upload it, it does not show up! I need some help please?
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    Need help with my signature!

    I am trying to put a gif of Aerodactyl in my signature, but I don't know how. Could someone help with this? (Sorry if this is in the wrong place.)
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    Why is LULZ's username so big?

    I was sort of curious. Does is commemorate something???
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    I need some evaluation on my team!

    I kind of wanted other people's opinions on it. My team is: Cacturne lv100 HP:264 ATK:276 DEF:146 SP ATK:245 SP DEF:124 SPD:129 Ho-Oh lv100 HP:353 ATK:266 DEF:216 SP ATK:350 SP DEF:345 SPD:279 Regigigas lv 100 HP:349 ATK:300 DEF:241 SP ATK:184 SP DEF:247 SPD:257...
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    What is your favorite car???

    Whether it be American muscle, European supercars, or anything else, speak your mind about you favorite supercar!!! My favorite is the 2006 Ford GT.
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    What was the last video game you played before posting here?

    IT's in the title. SoulCalibur 2.
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    Peter's guide to drawing faces

    Alright, here I'm going to teach you how to draw faces. this is the cartoon way, so if you want to draw realistically, turn back now. STEP 1. Sketch out the head and add a few guidelines like so. this helps you draw different parts (eg. the nose, eyes, ears) easily without erasing much...
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    Peter's Pokemon Art

    I draw Pokemon, and sometimes other stuff. I may not be that good, but I try my best! Leave comments and give me tips, this will help me do better.
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    Arceus to be in HGSS?

    I saw a screenshot (I forgot where) with Arceus standing next to Gold and a man (I think it was Professor Elm) talking to him in Japanese. Does anyone have more input on this?
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    Did Platinum Get Boring To You After a While?

    It did for me, cuz its pretty much Diamond and Pearl with a little twist on it that kind of doesn't matter.
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    I changed my name!!

    Hi all! I changed my name for the 3rd time or something like that. I got the idea when I was in the shower thinking about this party at my school that I was just at. I won 2 boomerangs and got free food! Wouldn't that make YOU slap happy?