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    What do you want from a Pokémon console game?

    All we've currently got for a possible console title is a somewhat unhelpful screenshot. So what this could be is anyone's guess. I would like a new game taking place in the Coloseum series. Imagine all the possibilities and new graphics that it could bring. Alternatively, a fighter game would...
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    Monochrome Pokémon Rumor Discussion

    Rumors have been going around about Pokémon in a monochrome color scheme, complete with images to back it up. They seem rarer than shinies. Perhaps the new iteration of collectible Pokémon for bragging rights since shinies are easier to get? What do you think? If this is real, I theorize this...
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    Overrated and Underrated Pokémon

    There's a lot of Pokémon out there, but we commonly see the same ones over and over again in battles. While some deserve this pleasure, a lot are just there because there's a belief of their usefulness in battle. And on the opposite side of the spectrum, there's plenty of good ones nobody uses...
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    Pokémon Crossbreeding

    I recently looked at some sprites of two Pokémon mixed together. What if we could actually obtain those Pokémon through breeding two Pokémon together, and instead getting one of them from the egg, we get a crisis between the two. It probably won't happen, but if it did, what would you breed and why?
  5. L

    Pokémon Game Where You're The Evil Team

    I recently saw an image of when that Rocket member asks you to join his team, where you then say no automatically. But that got me thinking. What if you could say yes? What if you could start in Team Rocket, where you slowly work you way up the ranks, while furthering Team Rocket's goals? If it...
  6. L

    If Super Heroes/Villains had Pokémon

    We all love heroes. We all live Pokemon. What if there was both in one? That's what this thread is set out to accomplish. What if all those heroes and villains from the comics and/or movies used Pokemon instead instead of fighting each other? Which one would they use? How would they use it? Why...
  7. L

    Strange yet Effective Strategies

    We've all seen the usual strategies. The Fake Out Mienshao, the Choice Chandelure, theTailwind Latias. But what about all the others you almost never see? Discuss some you've seen or done here! I'll start with two Shuckle strategies. First, I'll often use a Shuckle-Trick Room combo in double...
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    What do you do with your starter?

    We all start our adventure picking one of three types: grass, water, or fire. We pick one, and stick with it until we get more. But what then? Do you keep it on your team? Do you box it away forever? Do you raise it to rediculous levels as your sole team member? I for one, always use my...