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    I'm sorry if a thread like this exists, but oh well. So, we're aware that some prophecies exist in the Pokémon world... but, who makes those? Seers? Psychics? And what about the prophecy of the heroes?
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    Wild Pokémon Training.

    Something that had always made me wonder, is how wild Pokémon level up, as far as we know, Pokémon do it by battling eachother, but is that the only way? no-ope, I highly doubt the Day-Care forces your pokémon to fight others, aside from Pokéspe. So, I'd like to know if they also gain experience...
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    Yo' Mama! game.

    I'm pretty sure we all know the drill Yo' Mama's so [adjective] that they/she/we [verb] [event] [!] Ex: Yo' Mama's so fat that when she goes out for a walk, her belly's already at the grocery store!
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    Guess V's Nightmare Fuel.

    Pretty straightforward. Example: Poster 1: V's afraid of Hula Dancers. Poster 2: ^Right you are! V fears cheetos Please confirm/deny above poster's guess, and post your own guess. have fun and don't take it personally. V is afraid of spiders.
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    My English and Spanish projects.

    Spanish: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/195/4sfg.mp4/ (I'm playing the Paparazzi, the one who comes out of the closet) English: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/521/mwp.mp4/]
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    Halloween Episodes?

    Yo! Bulbagarden Crew! so, when this time of the year approaches, i usually watch my favorite series' Halloween Specials, but since Pokémon doesn't have an official one (IIRC) i don't know what to watch, so i'd like to ask you, fellow Bulbasaur gardener, which episodes could i watch for...
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    <---Ironic, eh? So, you guys are well aware that, in the Anime, friendship bonds with your Pokémon are Serious business, not only they make your Pokémon want to obey you, but, seemingly, it makes a Pokémon stronger, so, i figured we could have a place to talk about being friendly to a...
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    Minor WMG - Title Screen :3

    i was looking at my Pokémon White's Title Screen, watching the Epic Zekrom and all, then something hit me... could the title screen be a representation of what's inside the Dark Stone (White) or the Light Stone (Black)? may not be really probable, but i still like the idea, so i'm...
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    The Official ''Claim-a-Alternate-Form/Pseudo-Form Thread''!

    Pretty similar to other threads like this, but with some rule alterations. 1: You must have posted at least 20 times before claiming a move. 2: Two people can share a claim if both of them VM me. 3: First come, first serve. 4: Key is: Form - Username - Date (month/day/year) 5: You may...
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    Best Wishes's Trio in Realtion to the Tao Trio

    I was talking to the user 00poke maniac, and we realised something... you guys remember Iris's and Cilan's disagreements in the Museum Episode? so, we were speculating that perhaps their differences could relate to Zekrom and Reshiram, Iris Being like Zekrom, she's wilder and more energetic, and...
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    Contest Gen V Heroes Showdown

    Which Do You Think it's the greatest? The Canon Protagonist and the best Designed? Which is the Best Rival Of This Gen? Hero Category: Whitlea/Touko Vs Blair/Touya? Rival Category: Cheren Vs Bianca/Bel?
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    Contest Rhyperior Vs Magmortar Vs Gallade

    I Related them both for being Bertha's, Flint's and Lucian's Signature Pokémon, and because they are the last pokémon the Sinis Trio uses Against You in Shadows of Almia Factors: Design Power Moves Best User of them (see description) Typing i picked Gallade for his design, his typing...
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    Contest Early Feline Scuffle

    Meowth And Persian? Skitty's Family? Glameow's family? Purrloin's Family? Who Would Win In A Battle? Who is The Coolest? Who is The Smuggest? Who is The Classiest? Who Is The Cutest? Who Has The Best Typing and Moves? I'd Go For Purrloin's Family Because of their design...
  14. O

    Foreshadowing of Main Series In Ranger?

    Hello Blake/Wyatt Hall, i'm talking to you! thoughts...
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    Characters that Can/Should appear in Best Wishes

    there are various threads for character X appearing in BW popping up, so i resolved to just put them all together instead of making a thread for each individual Character. Both Game and Past Anime Characters(Main/Recurring/CoTD) are valid. if there's a thread like this/you think its not a...
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    Changes in The Gym Leader's Rosters in the Anime?

    As You know, the Gym Leader's Teams have been more consistent these times, but like in the first gym, where the Striaton Brothers didn't use their Lilipups/Yorterrys, do you think any more changes will be made? Aloe used her In-Game Team i see Arti not using Dweeble/Ishizumai, due to Cilan's...
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    Will Touya and Touko Appear In the Anime?

    Either through a Cameo, or an actual appereance i'm guessing a cameo from both. if there is already a thread like this, please post a link and close this one.
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    Differences on Raising Pokémon In The Anime

    Hi There! I Started this thread in order for us to Indentify wether or not Raising Pokémon in the Anime is radically Different than in the games, if this thread has been done before, please close it; In My Oppinion, It is different, because the Trainer's Skill and Experience along with...
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    Users with A Crossed Username...

    does having an strikethrough in your username means anything? like being a banned user? sorry for stupid question...
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    Zuruggu: Iris or Satoshi?

    So, I believe you all know that the Egg is Hatching into Zuruggu, so now we started Crossing Swords over the keeper of Zuruggu, and Now every thread is gonna be subverted into debates for the owner of Zuruggu, you know the Drill, i creaated this thread so that we can have a ''Battleground'', as...