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    Blog Troubles

    Whenever I click on: Blog >My Blog this message keeps on showing up. Clearly I have ~340 blog posts; I'm not sure what happened. It only gives me access to a few of the posts. Even when I click on a date on the archive calendar that is shown to have a post, it takes me to the spoilered...
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    Contest Remoraid vs. Finneon

    vs. 2-stage families of aquatic life Unique learnsets Came out in an even number generation (2 and 4) So which one is: a better battler? better looking? your favorite? more useful?
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    Has anyone else noticed that two of the characters pokemon hasn't shown up in a while...Buizel and Monferno? Hmmmmmmm, what happened?
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    If ________ was a pokemon...

    What pokemon do you think fit today's celebs? For example: If (insert celeb name here) was a pokemon, he/she would be...
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    Who hear thinks that the Gulpin evo line and the Munchlax evo line could be related somehow? Think of the connections; even though there aren't many, there are some core similarities!
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    La, la, la, la!

    Would you like to see the Jigglypuff from the earlier episodes return and put people to sleep and draw on their faces again? Or maybe return as a Wigglytuff!:zzz:
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    Do you feel that Sableye is an underappreciated pokémon? What other pokémon do you feel are underappreciated? Please don't say Magikarp, there is already another thread for that! :drool: I think that most of the underappreciated pokémon are the ones that only get a few minutes of airtime; or...
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    Do you feel that how well each of the pokémon games sell determines the way the anime goes?
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    One Question

    How does a thread become a "sticky" thread?
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    LOL Anime

    What do you think some of the funniest parts in the Pokémon series and movies are? I think one of the funny ones is from the early episodes. Team Rocket is digging on the beach, Jessie digs up a Shellder, it looks at her and sticks out its tongue and says it name. LOL:loopy: Another funny...
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    Anyone Else?

    Does anyone else want to be my friend? I only have one right now. One good friend.:lol:
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    A Little Late

    It's me, Region Master, stopping by to say: Hi, I'm Region Master, and I'm new!:cool:
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    What two pokémon do you think would make the cutest baby? I think Sentret and Skitty
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    Your Opinions!

    Do you think that any more of the main characters pokemon will evolve? If so, which one(s)? And do you think they will catch any new pokemon? If so, which one(s)?
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    Coolest Thing Ever!!!!!!!

    0 Kelvin. LOL :banana:
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    First Thread

    Anyone want to chat?:yahoo: