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    Categorize your templates!

    Do it! I really shouldn't have to be telling you guys this. Even many veteran users who should know what they're doing still frequently fail to categorize templates they create. This isn't some sort of underground rule that you may not have heard about. All pages on Bulbapedia need to be...
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    Welcoming users

    Can we, like, do it? Welcome messages are a critical part of building the community and creating a friendly and helpful atmosphere. For whatever reason, most of you seem completely uninterested in taking three seconds to put "{{subst:welcome}}" on a new user's Talk Page when he or she...
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    Legendaries in Trozei

    I've read conflicting things about them. Supposedly, they're available in Mr. Who's Den, but I've played the game for years and never encountered one. According to other sources, you're only able to find them from other players' Agent Cards. So, which is it? Has anyone here ever...
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    The "Tough" PMD dungeons

    Hey guys, Figure I don't really do a whole lot outside of the TCG and mod forums, but I'm a big Mystery Dungeon player, and I figured I'd make an interesting thread about that. ITT, we talk about the following Mystery Dungeon dungeons, stories about our experiences, and strategies to beat...
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    Reminder: Welcoming users

    Lately, it seems like every time I log onto Bulbapedia, the last 10+ users in the User Creation Log have blank talk pages. This won't do. I then have to spend ten or fifteen minutes on my laggy school connection welcoming them, and although I don't necessarily have a problem with that, I do...
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    Notability of TCG PokéDex blurbs

    This is a fairly straightforward question that I don't think has been addressed. When are TCG info blurbs notable? You know, those little bits of information near the bottom of Pokémon cards that disappeared for the E sets and returned in Diamond & Pearl? See, some of them are completely...
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    Spam: Report it and Ignore it!

    I've noticed that a lot of users have been replying to spam lately... I probably don't like the rule any more than you do, but it is a rule and it should be followed. Note that it only gets you a warning and no infraction points, but a warning is a warning. Many of you may be wondering the...
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    Portugese names

    Is there a general consensus that Portugese is a notable enough language to have translations for in articles? It seems to me that there are an awful lot of users adding various Portugese language variant translations to pages... IMO we should stick with English, Japanese, and possibly...
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    Kanto IS in HGSS; discussion

    Well, it's been confirmed, as you can see on Bulbanews. The Kanto region will be accessible in HGSS. Of course, you can go to Bulbanews for the full story. Discuss. EDIT: I don't want to here anyone else complaining about this thread. It's a good thing. See post 35.
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    Bulbapedia Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Have a good idea for Bulbapedia? See some content that needs added or needs fixing? Say it here! I've noticed that there are far too many individual threads saying "Hey Pedia dudes I can has good idea." Let's make it simple for both the people who post the ideas and the people who look at...