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Search results

  1. Serverus Snope

    On how ANY Type can be evil

    On the Fanfiction Pet Peeves thread (and elsewhere,) people talk about how predictable a villain's Pokemon selection is because of how certain types are, in a way, "typecast" as evil. The types in question are Poison, Ghost, and Dark. However, with the right approach, any type specialist can be...
  2. Serverus Snope

    Dreams of Dazzling the Stage! (Serverus Snope and Monarchy)

    Monarchy; Seth Silva, a kid from Unova determined to become the coolest trainer alive, has arrived at Snowpoint City with lots of motivation but only half an idea of what to do with it. All he has is directions to his contact: Quinn Orfield, a local teen who wants to finally put his dreams of...
  3. Serverus Snope

    EVERYONE: Luminous Dreams

    So here it is. My first Pokemon fic in over 5 years. I can't think of anything that would get this a Teen rating right now. But if I ended up accidentally slipping something in, please let me know. I'll likely make edits to the story depending on the feedback I receive. And feedback is very...
  4. Serverus Snope

    Some guy who wants to write stuff

    Hello. I am Serverus Snope McGoggle. Not to be confused with Severus Snape (although the name was spawned out of a badfic's misspelling of his name.) Things about me: ~Been playing Pokemon for over 11 years, ever since Ruby and Sapphire. I even had Blue at one point, but I had no idea how to...