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Search results

  1. Taengoo

    Sign Ups Antithesis

    Antithesis Many recall tales of legend where dragons are slain by knights to rescue princesses; stories of vampires at odds with werewolves; hymns of demigods cast to the pits of Tartarus, never to see the daylight again; rumors of the sirens that lure sailors to their watery deaths. Rest...
  2. Taengoo

    At World's End

    @Flaze; The West Continent, though commonly known for its sporadic tendencies in terms of the weather, cast a cold atmosphere over the busy populace of Albion - Winterstone Heights in particular, seemingly one of the richest neighborhoods Umbra had ever set foot in. The cityscape was a...
  3. Taengoo

    Stopped in our Tracks

    (i couldn't think of a better title, so i just ripped it from the previous version... smh) @Midorikawa; @Alolan Ninetales; Oceana Pier was, as to be expected, dark and dreary as ever. Overcast skies swirled above in a somewhat mocking fashion; the place was rather scarce in terms of people...
  4. Taengoo

    Start Ups Odyssey of Hoenn (Pokemon Journey RP)

    Detective Calvin; Pokémad; Kanon Shirogane; Ladies and Gentlemen; As per usual, summertime in the town of Littleroot was in full swing. Taillows all around were chirping as a signal of a new day. Professor Birch had recently returned from some more fieldwork, and was waiting inside his lab...
  5. Taengoo

    Sign Ups Odyssey of Hoenn (Pokemon Journey RP)

    Hey, guys. Raven here, I thought I would try my hand at a journey roleplay! This is set in Hoenn, as the title suggests, and starts out as your characters receiving their first Pokemon. While it's a pretty loose roleplay, I must first lay down some rules; RULES BANNED POKEMON Without...
  6. Taengoo

    Mega-Evolutionary Art

    Hey guys, I decided to get away from the Writer's Workshop a bit, so I decided I would do mega-evolutionary art. Keep in mind that I do not have a printer that I can scan my artwork into my computer, so you'll have to settle for crappy phone pictures of my art for now! The first one I've...
  7. Taengoo

    Sign Ups The Salamence Guild .} Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

    In the mysterious world of Pokémon, you are a human who is called in to free the burden of Pokémon. You are found unconscious by the calm shore, disoriented and confused. Who are you? Why are you here? And most importantly.. Can you save the world of Pokémon? You may choose to form an...
  8. Taengoo

    Offering a variety of Pokemon -

    I'm offering these Pokémon; Xerneas lvl. 62 Charizard lvl. 39 M Druddigon lvl. 58 M Lairon lvl. 46 M Chestnaught lvl. 38 M Zoroark lvl. 48 M Durant lvl. 45 F Tyrunt lvl. 22 M I'd like a Greninja with Protean, a Garchomp, a Blastoise, Tyranitar, Talonflame, or an Yveltal in return.
  9. Taengoo

    Hi guys!

    So I'm ThatCrazyArtist, I'm a girl. My name's Kiley, but call me Forza. I'm really into Pokemon, especially the old vintage ones. My favorite color is purple, and my favorite pokemon starter evolution is Empoleon. I'd like to begin roleplay with everyone! Pm me if you have any ideas!