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  1. Misty-Moo

    Beat That Stat

    This is a game of trumps, one person posts a Pokemon and the next person posts one with a higher base stat Eg. :- Poster 1 - Blastoise Poster 2 :- Aggron (Defence 180 > 100) Poster 3 :- Snorlax (HP 160 > 70) Etc. I'll start (for no reason other than I like it :p) with Charizard
  2. Misty-Moo

    Greninja's final destiny (speculation)

    I happened to watch "A Festival of Decisions!/Decisive Battle in the Ninja Village! Frogadier VS Bisharp!!" the other day. The final scene where the ninjas discuss Greninja & the fact that Ash-Greninja now seems to be perfected got me thinking. Assuming that Ash-Greninja becomes a form that...
  3. Misty-Moo

    Complete the group/team

    In this game, you post the members of a group or team from films, cartoons, books, etc. (of more than three members) with one missing, the next poster has to name who's missing and post one of their own Eg. - Poster 1 - Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy Poster 2 - Scooby-Doo Julian, Dick, Anne...
  4. Misty-Moo

    17/04/22 11.23

    17th of April 2022 11.23 am GMT The moment the first meteor hit the atmosphere. A shower of undetected meteors battered the Earth over the next eighteen hours, they struck with such force that EMPs were released over the whole planet, knocking out all communication and disabling technology...
  5. Misty-Moo

    Sign Ups 17/04/22 11.23 - Places always open

    17th of April 2022 11.23 am GMT The moment the first meteor hit the atmosphere. A shower of undetected meteors battered the Earth over the next eighteen hours, they struck with such force that EMPs were released over the whole planet, knocking out all communication and disabling technology...
  6. Misty-Moo

    Who will be Kalos Queen?

    With the announcement of episode 111, we now know that the performance mini-arc is coming to an end and the sparkly pink express train is pulling into the station. Who will win and become Kalos Queen? Serena - is all the work she's put in actually going to pay off and a main character will...
  7. Misty-Moo

    Pokemon Performer appreciation thread

    Whether you like Pokemon Showcases or not, they're here to stay for now and all the focus is on Serena, Shauna, Miette, Nini and future Kalos Queen Jessie. However, some of the background characters appear just as interesting. I know there's a lot of love for the Mightyena girl - But there are...
  8. Misty-Moo

    Little things that you love in the anime

    All those of us who love the anime, watch it for, on the whole, the same reasons. Regardless of whether we like or dislike certain characters, find some things annoying or repetitive, we want to see what happens to our heroes. But are there also inconsequential little things that you just...
  9. Misty-Moo

    I keep getting logged out of the forum

    Over the last few days, I've had to log in every time I come here. I've always ticked "remember me" when I log in and haven't experienced this problem before. Nothing else has changed regarding my browser either - I'm still using the same one (Google Chrome) and I haven't deleted my cookies or...
  10. Misty-Moo

    Pokemon that could be hybrids / crossbreeds

    When breeding was introduced, I knew nothing about it, I understood that breeding two of the same Pokemon would get you the first evo of that Pokemon. But I also thought that you could crossbreed two different Pokemon to get a third - for example, if you bred a Pokemon from the Geodude line with...
  11. Misty-Moo

    Serena's Pancham has a past

    I've touched on this a couple of times before, but because it would have derailed those threads, I didn't pursue it, but I still think it's interesting and something that warrants discussion. Serena's Pancham knows two moves that it can only learn via TM - Stone Edge and Dark Pulse. I'm aware...
  12. Misty-Moo

    Moves by base power

    Moves by base power In this game, we list the moves by ascending base power, eg. Poster 1 - Double Team Poster 2 - Triple Kick Rules - Gen 6 base power must be used When Explosion is reached, restart at 0 No skipping Here we go - Smokescreen
  13. Misty-Moo

    What would you do about HM Moves?

    What would you do about HM Moves? I've seen lots of posts here berating HM moves, so I thought it was time for a more constructive discussion. I play lots of ROM hacks, where the base power or typing of HMs are altered to make them more useful. Alternatively the player is given adventure items...
  14. Misty-Moo

    Dare Da?/Who's That Pokemon?

    Dare Da?/Who's That Pokemon? You (should) all know how this game is played - Someone (eg. me) posts a Pokemon silhouette & whoever can identify correctly it posts one of their own, etc. OK, let's begin - I searched & couldn't find a game like this, but if I missed it, please close this.
  15. Misty-Moo

    EVERYONE: A Pokemon Christmas

    A Pokemon Christmas The Sinnoh landscape was blanketed in thick snow as far as the eye could see. Bundled up in their winter clothes, Misty & Dawn walked through the countryside. "Oh, it's so pretty" said Misty "Thanks again for inviting me" "Yes" Dawn smiled "It's lovely at this time of year"...
  16. Misty-Moo

    Do any anime characters remind you of real people?

    When I first saw Viola in the anime, it struck me how much she reminded me of someone (a school friend with whom I shared a special & life-defining moment with). My friend had brown eyes, but everything else is so similar, such as her hair & the way she dresses. So, what about you? Do any anime...
  17. Misty-Moo

    EVERYONE: Misty & Dawn's Dangerous Days

    Misty & Dawn's Dangerous Days. Synopsis/introduction Episode One - A Meeting, a misadventure. Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six
  18. Misty-Moo

    Movie last line game

    In this game, you must identify the movie from the last line only. Example - Poster 1 - Where we're going, we don't need roads Poster 2 - Back to the Future It was beauty killed the beast To save this dying, if no-one guesses your film after 3 tries, you must give the answer & start...
  19. Misty-Moo

    Favourite Character's Outfit

    Who's outfit do you like the most in the anime? Personally, I love Georgia/Langley's mod-inspired outfit - Just to be clear, it's not who your favourite character is, it's who wears the outfit you like the most
  20. Misty-Moo

    Hello everyone :)

    I used to be a member of an online Pokemon game but it had to close down, anyone else here? P.S. I think my signature's a bit too big, I'll work on that - fixed it now :)