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  1. D

    3D Floe Island Overworld

    I made this one with the same method as Lavender Town, just MS Paint and Picnik effects.
  2. D

    Lavender Town overworld, completely remastered

    This was cobbled together by me in one night with nothing more than MS Paint and Picnik. I've always thought Lavender Town's appearance never lived up to its reputation, so I decided to remake the Gen. I-era Lavender Town in a 2.5D style, with a few additions. (Most notably the funeral parlor...
  3. D

    What desktop background are you currently using? Vol. 2.0

    A continuation of the previous thread. Just show off what picture is set to your desktop at the moment! :3 Be sure to put large screenshots under spoilers. You can take a screenshot of your desktop with the Print Screen key (prt sc) or fn + insert on a small-sized keyboard. Have fun!
  4. D

    Pokemon Designs From Pop Culture

    Most Pokemon are either based off of animals, plants, mythological beings or insentinent objects. But every so often you notice Pokemon designs that seem to draw inspiration from other fictional creatures. A few days ago, I noticed the similarities between Victini and Miyazaki's "fox-squirrels"...
  5. D

    What's your astrological sign?

    Chart Fire ♈ Aries March 21-April 19 Respresented by: Ram ♌ Leo July 23-August 22 Represented by: Lion ♐ Sagittarius November 22-December 21 Represented by: Centaur/Archer Earth ♉ Taurus April 20-May 20 Represented by: Bull ♍ Virgo July 23-August 22 Represented by: Virgin ♑ Capricorn December...
  6. D

    "The Lavender Town Tone"

    (Not sure if this has been posted before in an age gone by...) "The Lavender Town Syndrome" This is pure fiction, by the way, but I really liked it. What's your guys' thoughts? EDIT: Just found this in the Pokemon Creepypasta thread, but kind of thought it still deserved its own thread
  7. D

    Blog Entry Total Delete

    If a moderator or admin would be up for it, would you please completely delete all my blog entries? I got pretty disorganized and there's some stuff I just want gone. Thanks to anyone who'll do it!
  8. D

    Couple of Artz

    I did this about a year ago, done with color pencils and HB: This one was done sometime in November, Drawn black and white with HB and 2B and colored on Picnik with Eye Color, Highlights, Lip Color, Eye Bright, Sunless Tan, Temperature, Sharpen and Burning. It's Lorelei (with a haircut...
  9. D

    I Have Discovered a Glitch! =D

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZneGCph8axE I think it has something to do with the graphics of the walls getting mixed up with his sprite. Or maybe something with him being so close to my base.
  10. D

    Tears of Pacifica ~ A Sprite Series By Dewgong Storm

    My first comic of Pacifia was generally liked, but now that I once again have power and access to tSR, I figured it would be great uploaded to a 3D style. To see unfinished work please see my Pacifia album, (< Probably contains spoilers, also, note it's now spelled 'Pacifica') and please comment...
  11. D

    Guess the Song By its Lyrics V2.0

    Okay, this one was fun. I'll start off: 911 Fire in the skies Many people died But no one really knows why They told lies in the vision of fear No one listened for years We're like "Who put us here?"
  12. D

    House of Shi- I uh mean, Hall of Shame, gone for good?

    Missingno. brought this up a few days ago. Where's the HoS go? I'm actually kind of glad it's gone.
  13. D

    Yours Truly Made This for You.

    Which Kanto Elite Four member are you? The results images were made by me as well. ^^
  14. D

    What happened to the "New Messages in my Social Groups"?

    That section in the index isn't showing up for me. And I checked to see if it was minimized, nope.
  15. D

    WANTED: Co-Producer For My Sprite Comic

    Okay. Some of you might remember my original Pacifia comic, which I think is still up in the Artist's Alcove somewhere. But now with the HGSS, a lot of these new sprites have become far to tempting to resist, and I've decided to remaster the Pacifia comic into a HGSS/DPPt style. Anyone who...
  16. D

    Some Random Halloween Fanart

    I literally will give pillowcases full of Halloween candy to anyone who can guess what the reference pic was from Anyway, here's Notched Ear Pichu... flying on a jack-o-lantern O.o; I'll be doing more soon.
  17. D

    2009's Pumpkins

    Whatcha guys gonna do this year? Here's my visions: What're you making this year?
  18. D

    Spirit Snow

    Well, I still haven't finished writing the whole thing. But anyway, there's Advance and StrikingIce, in flashbacks... Mainly I've just written it for fun, but please do give me a review. Prologue “I understand Agatha is sick, but there’s no way you’ll convince her to resign.” “Bruno...
  19. D

    My Final Attempt At Splicing Together a Realtor Trainer Sprite

    I'm partially content with this one. The sign is bugging me a bit. Anyway, the colors are from Gio's FRLG sprite and the base is Aroma Lady. The arm is a combintion of Fantina and Candice, and the sign was made with MS Paint Text and Skew and the sign base is from Rancher's pitchfork. Here it is:
  20. D

    Erika Learns HTML

    WTF is this? It happened right after I moved a social group to another category.