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    Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    It also makes for a neat movie trivia years down the road. "Hey man, did you know this famous Judo guy played a Pokemon in one of the movies?" "Whoa, neato."
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    Preview XY064: Fokko VS Mahoxy! A Splendid Performance Battle!!

    Delphox? My interest is peaked! Most of the people on these boards watched the dub or played the English games so they are more used to the English names than the original ones. Notice I said most but not all. I know most of the Japanese names, but I use the English ones because I play the...
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    Preview XY062: Protect the Future of Science! The Electric Labyrinth!!

    Not to mention that not all kids watch every single episode. Some may have missed the Malamar episode and the episode that referred back to it.
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    New free-to-play Nintendo 3DS game Pokémon Shuffle: Available February

    I play a few f2p games, but never do micro transactions with them. What gets my Gogoat with this is that it's basically like a stripped-down "free" version Battle Trozei, which came out a few months ago. What ever happened to that Detective Pikachu game?
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    Preview XY059: Satoshi and Serena's First Date!? The Tree of Promises and the Presents!!

    As far as most kids shows, the main male protags will always be as asexual as they come. Ash is like Luffy from One Piece: His only love is adventure! Serena might confess in the end, but she'll definitely be turned down and off Ash goes to Gen7 land. Serena will come to accept it of course. I...
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    New Ending: DreaDrea by Shoko Nakagawa

    Is it weird that when I first heard about this, I thought it will implement 3D CGI dancing like what is very popular with current shoujo anime like Aikatsu and Precure? I thought it was pretty cute and was a nice change of pace with Pokemon endings. I saw that some expressed some here dismay...
  7. H

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    That's pretty interesting to know then! Did someone get a screencap of the description before it changed? If that turns out to be true, then I can see Serena having one, especially if it's disobedient like Iris' Emolga (but not a direct carbon copy, please). Hell, they can do what they did with...
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    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    Where are you even getting the info that Serena might catch a Pancham? That's just a listing for a Pancham plush coming out in November. While I know merch is a good way to guess anime captures, it's still too far away to be certain at this point in time. So unless it's part of a plush set that...
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    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    Huh, I had checked the site like a day ago and didn't see the secret base announcement. Also, "Aarune" threw me off since it looks like romanji Japanese name (アールネ). So "Aaron + Rune" basically? Thank you, I am learned!
  10. H

    Pokemon Amie confirmed!

    Let's all hope these cosplaying Pikachu aren't just restricted to this game, like the Notch-eared Pichu was stuck in HGSS since it couldn't be transferred out. I doubt GF would have enough man-power to give 5 different outfits to 700+ monsters in such a short time (that means 3500+ textures and...
  11. H

    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    Where did you guys get the name "Aarune" for the secret base dude? Because his name is Gilly (ギリー) on the Japanese site: ギリー | 『ポケットモンスター オメガルビー』『ポケットモンスター アルファサファイア』公式サイト
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    Pokémon Center website to return: Revealed in sneak peek mailed to fans

    Even though I'm in the US, I hope the online store is available to ship to the international fans at least. Maybe if this really takes off, maybe we could have promotional stuff as well, like Pokemon Time and such. Hoping it's not just going to be mostly cheap shit with the same clip art slapped...
  13. H

    SPOILERS: New opening and ending: "Mega V (Mega Volt)" and "Peace Smile"

    Just checked these out. MUH OPINIONSSS: The opening animation was really nice! Nice to see that the 3 XY friends will appear and they have the Kanto starters, so that's a relief for me. I don't want anymore Kanto starters on a main character's team, that will be overkill since May already has...
  14. H

    Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    I have a heavy doubt he will catch Carbink since it's heavily featured in the movie, and related to a legendary. If we're sticking with Kalos Pokemon only: Ash (choose 2!): Skiddo- a grass type, might evolve OR Phantump- I could see him with one, Trevenant will likely be used as the cliched...
  15. H

    Preview XY024: The Undersea Castle! Kuzumo and Dramidoro!!

    Whoop, my bad then. I got them mixed up...somehow.
  16. H

    Preview XY024: The Undersea Castle! Kuzumo and Dramidoro!!

    I assume there's something in the contract between OLM and TV Tokyo where the latter gets first dibs on airing the episodes, so if *they* have to skip an episode, everyone else down the line as to as well, like with the Plasma episodes and AG101. I doubt CN will be the first to air the Skrelp...
  17. H

    Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon to be distributed at Pokémon Center in Paris: Will be avai

    Re: Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon to be distributed at Pokémon Center in Paris: Will be Wow, that's...kind of dumb. Since that's the case, I hope this means that the Pokeball-patterened one will be available elsewhere in the future, or people will try their hardest to find a way to clone the darn...
  18. H

    Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon to be distributed at Pokémon Center in Paris: Will be avai

    Re: Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon to be distributed at Pokémon Center in Paris: Will be Surely there will be French Pokefans that will breed the heck out of these, so you guys shouldn't worry too much. Be glad it isn't some *legendary* with something unique to it (like Mewtwo having a new move...
  19. H


    I didn't hype myself up too much for this, but was was a bit disappointing. At least the graphics look good...but they should've shown it on the screen for us rather than pointing a camera at Shoko's 3DS while it was playing. The screen was a bit muddy. Maybe next episode they will show the same...
  20. H


    This year, the most exciting footage of a character walking around! *forced, shocked gasp* No really, I'm curious how nice the graphics will be for Hoenn. I hope there's character art along with the starter/Kyorge/Groudon official art shown. Calem and Serena's official art didn't get shown...