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Search results

  1. Rainbow

    A question about two features

    Took me a while to notice, but what ever happened to the time zone widget and the auto refresh feature? I remember seeing the auto refresh one a bit more recently (where it'd say "this page refreshes every 30 seconds, etc), but I don't think I've seen the time one in over a year. The one where...
  2. Rainbow

    Can't change avatar?

    For some reason, every time I try to change my avatar, profile picture, or even my sigpic, it won't work. For my sigpic, it just doesn't change, and for avatars/profile pictures, it says "upload of file failed" It's not the pictures, because it won't work with any of them. Not even the one I...
  3. Rainbow

    Adding pictures to your albums

    Whenever I go to my profile and click on one of my albums to add pictures, it just redirects me to all of the albums. I tried clicking on one of my albums there, and it still just leaves me at the same place. This is the page I get taken to.