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  1. colours

    Notice Staff Chart (Last Updated April 26th, 2021)

    @Zachie is now a forum admin and @Asteiri has volunteered to help out in The Arcade!! Congrats to them both and thanks for the help Asteiri!
  2. colours

    Hiya! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    hiii o/ welcome to bmgf!!! it's good to see you here o:
  3. colours

    The Last Thing You Googled?

    "most comfortable mice" my current one is starting to become quite annoying after long periods of use, unfortunately.
  4. colours

    What are you currently thinking about?

    thinking about what my next job is going to be at this point .-.
  5. colours

    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    bored and tired
  6. colours

    Collector's Editions

    occasionally it crosses my mind but i feel like it's a bit too of an expensive hobby for my tastes. :x
  7. colours

    Speculation What Kinds of Extra Content Should the Series Have?

    just bring pokeathlon minigames back and the minigames from pokemon stadium 2 and i'll be entertained for hours and hours, tbh. like that, and a decent post-game battle facility. that's all i ask for. minigames especially as i feel that's such a criminally underrated way to unwind after doing a...
  8. colours

    Have you ever 'dipped out' of Pokémon?

    there are moments where i stop playing the games for extended periods of time as i do get burnt out occasionally. right now though, i'm in the middle of playing Platinum with a friend and i haven't gotten bored, so there's still a tiny spark in there that still enjoys playing pokemon.
  9. colours

    Which Pokemon would you say has the sweetest nature?

    as in personality-wise? i would think it's chansey/blissey right? at least any of the pokemon that are naturally kind-hearted? or is this a milcery/alcremie play on words?
  10. colours


    delete. i don't see much of a point in its use, honestly. sky uppercut
  11. colours

    Cabinet The Arcade Cabinet #3: How much stock do you put into video game reviews?

    i find myself going less by what the reviewers say and seeing the gameplay for myself and whether or not i think it would be worth the purchase. as picky as i am, it takes me long enough to decide whether to buy a game to begin with without taking into account what other people say about it...
  12. colours

    What have you been really into lately?

    been really into ffxiv thanks to a few friends. i've been playing it constantly for about a month and i'm not even close to getting tired of it. @[email protected]
  13. colours

    Cabinet The Arcade Cabinet #3: How much stock do you put into video game reviews?

    hey all, welcome to the third arcade cabinet! this discussion is primarily going to discuss video game reviews! simply put: how seriously do you take reviews prior to making a gaming purchase? Link to Previous Arcade Cabinets: #1 - Open World Gaming #2 - Current State of News
  14. colours

    How's the weather over there? (Vol. 2)

    it's been alright, although for some reason my power keeps going out as if there's an awful storm outside... strange.
  15. colours

    How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

    bleh. not exactly great.
  16. colours

    how do you go about fighting monsters in games?

    as a black mage in ffxiv i just either a) burn them or b) freeze them there's also option c) which is to annihilate them from existence but i haven't gotten that far yet
  17. colours

    Did you enjoy the Pokéathlon game?

    honestly, the pokeathlon minigames were the most fun i've had with a pokemon activity since gen 3 contests. heck, i'd go as far as to say that they remind me a lot of pokemon stadium's minigames. it's quite a shame that nothing like that has really made a return, to my knowledge.
  18. colours

    Least favourite remake?

    fr/lg by a longshot. i don't really hate them because i think that's a rather strong word, but i enjoy them the least compared to hgss and oras.
  19. colours

    Reports Guide: How/When do I report a post, and what happens when I do?

    Hey everyone! o/ colours here, and we the Bulbagarden forum staff feel it's necessary to create this guide for you guys because there may be some of you that feel confused on exactly either how to report a post (which is really simple, actually!), when it's appropriate to report a post, and what...