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  1. FinalArcadia

    FinalArcadia Rambles About... (Updated May 3 - Learn more about my video game habits than you ever cared or wanted to learn)

    Hiya, I'm FinalArcadia and this is the start of my video game blog here. I pretty much eat, breathe, and sleep video games and have been playing them since before I was even in kindergarten, so I have a lot to say about them. And I've probably annoyed everyone in my house with my hyper-fixations...
  2. FinalArcadia

    Mafia Console Wars Mafia ~ Sign-Ups! ~ 10/28/14

    Hosted by FinalArcadia It was the natural order of the world for the strong to prosper and the weak to fall. The Console Wars have been raging for decades now with no end in sight. Fanboys on all sides wage battles on message boards and forums in the name of their favorite...
  3. FinalArcadia

    Mafia Gundam SEED Mafia ~ Endgame - "Decisive Fire" ~ Mafia/Indep Win!

    Gundam SEED Mafia Hosted by FinalArcadia Year 70 of the Cosmic Era. Due to the Bloody Valentine Tragedy, tension between Earth and the PLANTs quickly developed into a full-fledged armed conflict. No one doubted that the larger Earth forces would...
  4. FinalArcadia

    Mafia Pokemon Christmas Mafia ~ ENDGAME (Town and Indep Victory!) ~

    Hosted by FinalArcadia PLOT: HOW TO STAY ON THE "NICE" LIST (aka Rules): PLAYERS: 1) Momoka - Chikorita (doctor), night-killed Night 3 2) Dark Chocolate - Sewaddle (roleblocker)...
  5. FinalArcadia

    Mafia Dangan Ronpa/Zero Mafia ~ ENDGAME -Zetsubou ~ 10/25/2013

    Hosted by HumanDawn & FinalArcadia STORY: DESPAIR AT THESE RULES: PLAYERS: 1) Ziмa - Makoto Naegi, vanilla, lost in the endgame 2) Midorikawa - Jin Kirigiri, double voter, lost in the...
  6. FinalArcadia

    Mafia Atelier Arland Mafia - ENDGAME (Alchemists and Independent Win!) - 2/1

    Hosted by FinalArcadia PLOT/STORY RULES PLAYERS 1) Momoka - Rorolina Frixell (Post Restrictor), lynched Day 4 2) Zima - Ludwig Giovanni...
  7. FinalArcadia

    Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! All-Stars Mafia ~ ENDGAME (Town and Independents Win!) ~

    Hosted by FinalArcadia Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! All-Stars Mafia! Here, every single Yu-Gi-Oh! series to this point will be represented by at least one character. The roles were chosen based on my favorite characters so expect lots of...
  8. FinalArcadia

    Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Mafia - Endgame (Victory for the Villains!)

    The sun begins to set over the area known as Heartland. Twenty-five spirited competitors stare from a distance at the grand area, focused on their individual goals and hopes. Friends will become enemies, and enemies will become more dangerous than any of the young duelists could imagine. For...
  9. FinalArcadia

    TEEN: Dissonance of Brothers - Striaton Trio

    Hi, and thanks for your time, if you decide to read this. This is my first fic, and it's about the Striation Trio, with an emphasis on Cilan and Chili, but it doesn't support or not-support any ship. I won't say that it might not be kind of OOC for Chili, but honestly, I just wanted to get an...
  10. FinalArcadia

    Help With Inserting Video

    ...Yeah, it's me again... I've got pictures down, but now I can't figure out how to insert a video into my blog post. Like, I can do the link to the Youtube page, but I want it there in the video, embedded. I've tried the insert video button, the link YouTube gives you when I click "Share,"...
  11. FinalArcadia

    Image Help

    I'm probably an idiot for not knowing how, but I can't post pictures in my comments. I've used the button that says "Insert Image," but it never works for me. Also, where can I save pictures that aren't fanart, but are things I want to use in comments? I appreciate any help anyone can give...
  12. FinalArcadia

    What Does ^ Sing In the Shower?

    Let's try this one out... (First time posting a new thread!) What do you think the user above you likes to sing in the shower?
  13. FinalArcadia

    New Member!

    Hi, everyone! I'm FinalArcadia, and I've scanned comments on Bulbagarden for quite awhile now. I finally took the plunge and joined, and I just wanted to say "hi" and that it's nice to meet everyone! Little Info About Me: My first PKMN game was Pokemon Yellow Version, and my favorite...