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Search results

  1. Froakie

    War Room Award 2013 - The Results!

    Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience, the results of the winners and their prizes are counted and finalized... and here they are! Thank you all for voting - without that, we wouldn't have the winners in the first place. Best Town Performance: @HumanDawn; for Yu-Gi-Oh All Stars Best...
  2. Froakie

    Mafia Dangan Ronpa Mafia [game over - TOWN WIN!]

    Welcome to Dangan Ronpa Mafia! Background Dangan Ronpa: Kibō no Gakuen to Zetsubō no Kōkōsei is a game created by Spike Chunsoft which was released in 2010 for the PSP. It is a murder mystery visual novel following the lives of fifteen high school students as they live under the ruling of a...
  3. Froakie

    Bulbagarden Idol 3.0 (Sign-ups)

    The staff at The Media Menagerie would like to present the third installment of Bulbagarden Idol! A sequel to the first and second competitions held here. Logo designed by Blazaking EX. Overview Bulbagarden Idol is based off the popular TV game show, "American Idol". In this competition...
  4. Froakie

    Mafia BrockBack Mafia -{15/03}- END GAME! MAFIA AND KARAMAZOV WIN

    BrockBack Mafia ...he's back Whilst Cilan, the newest travelling companion of Ash Ketchum continues on his journey to become a better Pokemon Sommelier, he's going about his daily routine without realising something was stirring a long distance away. The only sign he was getting that...
  5. Froakie

    Croag's Covers

    I really don't know why I'm making this thread, because I have no confidence in my singing abilities. LOL. But I guess I like singing, so why not! I only have one thing here at the moment, if that's alright. It's just I hardly get a chance to record anything because at least one member of my...
  6. Froakie

    Fate of the Diamond and Pearl specials in the dub. Thoughts?

    This is the first thread I've made here since something about Brock's happiny or foreshadowing or whatever last year. There's a first for everything. With nowhere to put this, I've made a new thread. In Japan these two specials aired before BW019 as a one hour special. Do you guys think...
  7. Froakie

    *~ Bubblewrap's Spriting Shop ~*

    Hi everyone! I've decided I'd love to open up a spriting shop - not only to improve my skills as I am pretty new to this, but to also provide you with sprites! This may be a long stretch, but I am offering: Recolours and Glows These are pretty much seen everywhere, but these are available...
  8. Froakie

    Bubblewrap's Sprites!

    Hey everyone! This is a place where I will be showing off sprites I have made. I am pretty new to this whole spriting thing, so please bare with me as I learn my ways around how to use basic/intermediate techniques. I'd love your critique if you have any! :) I only have a few done so far...
  9. Froakie

    Was Brock's departure being foreshadowed for the past few episodes?

    Hi everyone, I don't usually make threads here so I hope I'm not spamming up the forum. I have realized, throughout the period of DP, Brock has generally seemed quite critical of Ash on occasions, or at least he offered constructive criticism towards him. In battles, he used to tell Dawn (Or...
  10. Froakie

    Hey there!

    Hi everyone! Bubblewrap here, but you call also call me Emily if you like. Since the announcement of the new game/anime and the currently airing anime, I've been very much into pokemon, and I'd love to join around the community. Glad to be here! Looks like a very friendly place.