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    F-22's pictures

    Shit they are huge, sorry about that. I'll add them in a sec EDIT;; Spoiler tags have been added! Sorry again...picture viewing is wacky on my laptop so I didn't realize how big they were until I posted. ^^;
  2. F

    F-22's pictures

    Goddamn image limits >:( Beach near Del Mar San Diego county fair in the summer. That shit gets really packed. And yes, it really does suck to be in that crowd :D Welcome to Santa Cruz! daylight pic :P Sunset on the beach Boardwalk. It wasn't open when these pictures were...
  3. F

    F-22's pictures

    This thread doesn't have a category because I have all kinds of stuff :P Anyways, before we get to the pictures, let me talk a little bit about myself. I've lived near the California coast my entire life. My permanent home is in San Diego, CA, with nice year-round weather. Contrary to popular...
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    Gen V Disapointment

    Metagross has the same catch rate as the hardest legendary Pokemon to catch. :( Yeah, I'm just going to stick with my bred one...
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    Japanese Worlds qualifiers canceled: Earthquake aftermath continues disruption

    What is possible is if the American and European tournaments aren't canceled, there may be extra stops to make up for the lack of Japanese competitors. Who knows, this might be Canada's lucky year as well as a chance for Europeans to shine.
  6. F

    Japanese Worlds qualifiers canceled: Earthquake aftermath continues disruption

    Not to sound insensitive, but they better not cancel tournaments in the rest of the world in light of this. When will they be announcing NA regionals? What the hell, they were planning on having Worlds qualifiers when we didn't even get regionals. But yeah, it's unfortunate that the Japanese may...
  7. F

    COMPLETE: Kawaii Kyuremu! (TEEN)

    It's well-written, but my god the ending kind of ruined it for me. Don't worry, it's a great story, but it's such a downer!
  8. F

    What tier will they be in?

    Venusaur will remain top-tier UU. It is still great without Chlorophyll (is it legal with Power Whip?) It has (imo) the best stat distribution for a starter outside of Blaziken/Ape, which allows it to be as versatile as it is. With Growth, it can now also be a monster mixed sweeper. Of course...
  9. F

    Pokemon you didn't think you would use

    Crustle! I never planned on using it but I caught an Adamant Sturdy one so I just trained it up. It's a definite hard hitter with great coverage in the storyline and I've been impressed with its performance.
  10. F

    Deaths in the pokemon manga

    I think the only permanent deaths in the manga that I know of are Pryce's Laprases but I could be wrong.
  11. F

    Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    Warubiaru/whatever the fuck Sandile's final evo is called is fragile without Intimidate anyways. Hasty should work fine with the set listed. Make sure Landlos, Gliscor, Skarm, and Virizion are dead.
  12. F

    Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    If a Pokemon holding a Gem attacks a Pokemon behind Protect, does the Gem get used?
  13. F

    Some of my Pokemon art, as well as some monsters of my own~ (added Burgh!)

    Re: Some of my recent Pokemon art, as well as some monsters of my own~ (added Archeop Mewtwo is my favorite Pokemon as well and I must say you did a stellar job with him :) Also, Archeops is also pretty cool!
  14. F

    Simple Questions and Simple Answers 3

    It will be 99%. It adds 10% of the accuracy of the move, not a flat 10%. Same goes for Compoundeyes, except it's 30%. As for my question, I beat the 4th gym (Elesa?) and cleared routes 5 and 16. What is an acceptable level range for that part of the game? Because I'm told I'm horribly...
  15. F

    What tier will they be in?

    Now that there is a precedent in banning ability + weather combos, I'm not sure if the Sand Veil reasoning will fly anymore, especially since Garchomp has an alternative available. However, I do hope that Garchomp is banned in the future, but I think the fate of the Latis will be addressed first.
  16. F

    OverClocked ReMix's Pokémon fan remix album released: 'The Missingno Tracks' availabl

    Re: OverClocked ReMix's Pokémon fan remix album released: 'The Missingno Tracks' avai Really? I have yet to hear anything good from ocremix....all they do, in my opinion, is ruin familiar tracks rather than put a fresh spin on them. That being said, some Pokemon work is long overdue so I might...
  17. F

    Does GameFreak keep running themselves into a corner?

    Already done in the console games, more or less. What? This seems like it would be broken with the Choice items, which force you to use the same move over and over again. This would just be too broken in general, in addition to adding to the people who are already bitching about hidden...
  18. F

    What tier will they be in?

    The same generation Selfdestruct becomes an egg move, it's spoiled by the nerf. I'm still mad that it was nerfed simply on account of doubles/triples. Also the power creep is somewhat checked by the fact that a large portion of the >125 Atk crowd have middling defenses or speed...I have a...
  19. F

    What tier will they be in?

    It's not seen very often, but there are no Smogon server statistics, let alone a formalized OU tier.
  20. F

    The In-Game Team Advice Thread

    Re: TAKE NOTE: All in-game teams go here. Gengar won't be making use of extra defenses so it's best to max out SpA and Speed which is where its strengths lie. Also, there is no point in running Dark Pulse since it has the same coverage as Shadow Ball (except that it hits Normals, which is what...