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  1. Beck

    Official Pre-Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Speculation & Leaks thread

    That we’ll know if he’s correct within the week.
  2. Beck

    Kanto/Johto Sequels

    I don't understand what you're arguing, Bolt. I think the notion that a completely new generation is the only way to sell more copies is misleading -- because while evidence suggests they sell well, it doesn't also suggest that what Silktree and I (and others) have suggested won't. These ideas...
  3. Beck

    Kanto/Johto Sequels

    This really is the most important point of all. Putting something aesthetically similar in front of the faces of newly acquired and reacquired fans alike, will only help sell more systems and sell more games. And put more players in the driver's seat of the games GameFreak and Nintendo most...
  4. Beck

    The Pokemon Switch Version

    I've never been too aware of the production timeline of each game (I'm most interested in the marketing timelines/execution), but if that's the case then I would completely agree. If three years and a transition from the DS to the 3DS gave us X&Y, I find it difficult to believe then that any...
  5. Beck

    The Pokemon Switch Version

    Just totally spit-balling here, but I think a Kanto/Johto focused game on the Switch would sell like hotcakes. New and old all wrapped into something that doesn't need to bust out a ton of new features to capture fans' attention. I'm expecting a holiday 2018 release date (with marketing efforts...
  6. Beck

    Confirmed: Core Pokemon on Switch

    I'm sure it's because E3 is one of the largest stages to announce such a title, and Nintendo forced Game Freak's hand. The Switch is receiving phenomenal reviews early in its life cycle and a key reason is the sheer number and frequency of quality titles being released on the system. Even...
  7. Beck

    Confirmed: Core Pokemon on Switch

    USUM is most definitely being suffocated with the Pokemon Switch announcement, but how much air will it lose, in all actuality? Comparatively, mid-generation games don't tend to sell as well as their predecessor anyway. So to feel underwhelmed by what will be an underwhelming game by definition...
  8. Beck

    Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Confirmed

    This was the first main series installment announcement that I wasn't excited about, unfortunately. Not because it wasn't a DDPt or Kanto remake or because USUM will not be on the Switch, but because I feel as if I've been here before. Because I have -- B2W2 was an incredible announcement at the...
  9. Beck

    Your Hopes for Ultra Sun & Moon

    Features are nice, but I've become a much more casual player across the last few years, so so long as the plot is as engaging as Sun and Moon's (hopefully more) then I'll be happy. New characters, new events, new areas, all are good.
  10. Beck

    Which Game Will You Be Playing?

    Gonna roll with Ultra Moon most likely.
  11. Beck

    Mafia Greek Mythology Mafia - Endgame - 11/5/2016

    I'm sorry but the time I had to play is quickly running out, so I don't think I'll be able to. Passing my spot along to @HumanDawn if they'd like it.
  12. Beck

    Mafia Greek Mythology Mafia - Endgame - 11/5/2016

    No need, I'm following the thread.
  13. Beck

    Mafia Greek Mythology Mafia - Endgame - 11/5/2016

    Was asked to play, but it looks like it's full. I can sub if need be, just need to be poked on Discord.
  14. Beck

    How would you feel if the starters got Version Exclusive or Day Night Evolutions?

    I've been out of the weeds for the last month so apologies if I'm asking a question with an obvious answer -- but has Rockruff and the starters' shared secret been revealed? If not, isn't it safe to assume this is it?
  15. Beck

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Anyone "leaking" information about Generation 8 when Generation 7 has yet to be released is an attention-seeking troll, and shouldn't be fed. Don't encourage the shitty rumours, just keep your hands in your pockets and walk over the bridge.
  16. Beck

    Trailers and News Discussion

    I probably won't bother with Refresh unless forced to, so Full Heals will still fill my bag.
  17. Beck

    The Aether Foundation Speculation

    Am getting some serious Cipher Head Evis vibes here -- that was one of my favourite final boss battles of all time, so being able to relive something similar would be incredible. I also don't think Team Skull's supposed petty crime justifies a team of protagonists. The Aether Foundation has...
  18. Beck

    Do you think that the removal of Gyms is permanent?

    I subscribe to the theory that Pokemon will undergo a reboot in the next five years, be it large or small, and the Trial Captains are the beta, a pacifier for the fandom. It's been 20 years and with the addition of so many old and new fans through PokemonGo, mixing up the formula can only help.
  19. Beck

    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    I'm diggin' all of what that leak has got. Even if it's fake, I respect the ingenuity and the effort in the drawings. They're actually very well done.
  20. Beck

    CoroCoro Thread (Pages are Leaking, Bewear of Spoilers!)

    How can you not LOVE the sandcastle monster?! Ground/Ghost is an incredibly cool typing and the basis for its design is so simple yet so developed. The walls between the arrow loops on his castle tower-arms ARE FUCKING FINGERS! He's goofy and creepy all in one. He's all but a lock on my team...