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    Long time no see!

    Hello everyone! As you can plainly see by looking at my information, I am not a new member :P But I haven't been active since forever, so I guess this is a perfect opportunity to say hi to everyone. My name is Abigail and I'm from Argentina. You might remember me from my -now closed- graphics...
  2. A

    golden afternoon // Aori's Photographs

    Hello there everyone! I would like to show you the pictures I've been making out of everything I see. I have recently gotten an iPhone 4 (I know, I must have been the last person on Earth to get one xD). Amazed by it's surprisingly good photographing capabilities, I shot (... figuratively, of...
  3. A

    What's your coffee order?

    Just like the title says - what's your coffee order? Or, do you not drink coffee? In that case, tell me what you'd rather drink. My coffee order usually depends on the day - if I'm feeling kinda self-conscious about myself (haha) I go for a Skinny/Non-fat milk Latte. But if I'm craving...
  4. A

    My art :x *shy shy*

    I never though I'd post here... I'm actually very shy about these things... but I'll share some of my art with you. I'm not a very good artist... but I try :x I draw during classes a lot... Anyhow, enough shyness from me! XD Take a look and tell me what you think. My latest piece... I'm very...
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    ~Aori's Wonderland~ Signatures, avatars, sprites.

    Hello~ Welcome to Aori's Wonderland. My name is Abigail and I'm a graphic-making enthusiast with a bubbly personality X3 ♥ What I offer: signatures, avatars, various graphics, sprites. ♥ ~R U L E S~ ♥ Please credit for my work. It doesn't have to be big text or anything, as long as it's there...
  6. A

    Hi there! :x

    Hello everyone! I'm new here :3 I'm a 17-year-old teenager from Buenos Aires, Argentina. English is not my main language so please excuse me if I make any mistakes u.u I'm currently playing Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Battle Revolution X3! But I'm doing a zillion goals at a time. I'm playing...