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    How do the Mikuri Cup and the World Tournament Junior Cup compare to one another?

    I thought the topic was interesting and while the World Tournament Junior Cup hasn't started yet, and opinions may change in the process, we can still make comparaisons based on what we know about the two tournaments. I agree and disagree with this. First of all, I totally agree about the...
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    Review BW085: Sing, Meloetta! The Melody of Love!!

    BW085: Sing, Meloetta! The Melody of Love!! airdate: 6/21 Review thread Satoshi and friends meet up with Shirona at an Ice cream shop and as they make their way to catch a plane to East Isshu, they meet the legendary Pokémon Meloetta!
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    Changing of the guard

    Hey guys, I come bearing news of a small change in the War Room moderating team. As you have or will no doubt notice, I'm no longer head of the War Room and as moderator of the section. It was not an easy decision to make, because I like this section, and the users that frequent it, but...
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    Do you think we need a new Japanese opening?

    Ever since the beginning of Best Wishes, we have seen the same opening animation and heard the same song at the beginning of every episode. Do you think we should get a new opening? Do you think the current one still feels fresh? Discuss.
  5. H

    War of the Elements - Phase 2

    WAR OF THE ELEMENTS co-hosted by Hellion and Soulmaster They all stood in silence, eyeing each other murderously. They had come to do battle, to wage war in their brethren's name, to prove once and for all that they were the strongest, that they stood above all others. 17 Pokémon chosen to...
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    Mafia Non-Mafia Game Index and Game Library

    Non-Mafia Games Index Welcome to the Non-Mafia Games Index where you can keep an eye on our current and upcoming non-mafia games. A non-mafia game is essentially a forum game, with a defined ending and victor(s) that relies upon strategy, wit, knowledge, social skills, etc. The only thing we do...
  7. H

    A new moderator joins our ranks

    Hello everyone, Please welcome the new addition to the War Room moderating roster, Zenax. He has not only stood out as a great player, but also as a good host and mentor. Throughout his time in the War Room, he's been ready to help and has shown great leadership and an approchable...
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    A new addition to the War Room staff.

    To all War Room regulars, Please join me in welcoming a new addition to our moderating team, Paperhorse, who's well known for her friendly demeanour in the games and her cunning wit, as well as her leadership ability. She's recently co-hosted a great mafia game with The Man with No Name, and...
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    Which do you like more: comedic episodes or battle-oriented episodes?

    It's no secret that some episodes of the Pokémon Animé are built around comedy and showing off the characters' personalities and playing off their interactions, while others are more centered on the overall plot and battles, be it gyms, rival battles or simply training. Which is better? Battles...
  10. H

    Do you find Georgia/Langley to be an interesting rival?

    This is the thread for more in-depth discussion about Langley's personality, relationship with Iris, storyline, etc. I'm ambivalent on Langley myself. There's two Langleys: Langley when she's interacting with Iris and Langley when she's interacting with other characters. The latter works very...
  11. H

    Do you find Burgundy/Cabernet to be an interesting rival?

    This is the thread for more in-depth discussion about Cabernet's personality, relationship with Dent, storyline, etc. Personally, I love Cabernet as a rival. She is two cups of crazy mixed with one cup of adorable and one cup of woobie that's blended into a zesty rival with a refreshing...
  12. H

    Do you like Stephan/Kenyan as a rival?

    Do you think that the character of Kenyan in Best Wishes is an interesting and character? Do you feel that he's a challenging rival for Satoshi? What do you think of his appearances up until now? Here's the place to discuss. Personally, I'm very lukewarm towards Kenyan. The name gag got old...
  13. H

    Mafia Werewolves Mafia - Game Over - The Wolf Pack has won!

    RULES - Players may not post or share their role PM, either in private or in the public thread. Players may also not reveal the name of their role or their ability (no roleclaiming) - Players may not communicate with each other outside of the game thread. The lone exception will be the members...
  14. H

    Did you like Piplup/Pochama's character in Diamond and Pearl?

    What did you think of the writers elevating Dawn's starter pokémon Piplup to the rank of mascot? Do you think it was a good move on their part? Did you like Piplup's personality and character?
  15. H

    Do you think that Pikachu brings a lot to the show?

    This is the general thread to discuss Pikachu. Pikachu, as well as Ash, have both been there from the very beginning. Do you feel that Pikachu still brings a lot to the Animé as a character? Or do you feel that he has grown stale over the years?
  16. H

    Did you like Dawn/Hikari's role on the show?

    This is the thread to discuss what you liked and disliked about Dawn's character while she was on the show, her story, her pokémon team (though if you solely want to talk about Piplup, please use the designated thread), etc. Dawn was my favourite out of the girls mostly because she was the...
  17. H

    Did you like May/Haruka's role on the show?

    This is the thread to discuss what you liked and disliked about May's character while she was on the show, her story, her pokémon team, etc. Personally, I think that May's appeal laid in her personality and the comedy that she brought to the show. She's, in my opinion, out of the girls, the...
  18. H

    Review BW060: Tornelos VS Voltolos VS Landlos! (Part 2)

    BW060 "Tornelos VS Voltolos VS Landlos (Part 2)" Screenplay - Yukiyoshi Ōhashi Storyboard & Assistant director - Tetsuo Yajima Animation director - Tomohiro Koyama To help them fight Tornelos and Voltolos, Satoshi and his friends summon Landlos, but as the trio of legendary pokémon...
  19. H

    Do you find Bianca/Bel to be an interesting rival?

    Since we have a similar thread for Shooti, I thought it would be good to have a place to discuss what you like or dislike about Bel both as a rival and as a character. So, fire away! For the most part, I feel that Bel brings a lot to the Best Wishes series. She's incredibly likeable and...
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    Mafia Mafia Games Index and Co-Hosting/Mentoring Program

    Mafia Game Index Welcome to new Mafia Game Index where you can keep an eye on our current and upcoming games. Hosts may use this thread to post the progress of their game (work in progress, taking signups, currently running, finished or paused). Users may also sign up to the Co-Hosting and...