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  1. Mijzelffan

    some glitches

    (I'd suggest a sticky for this but as there isn't one here's a thread) 1. I noticed custom infractions look odd when viewed, having a blank title (Mijzelffan you can see it a lot here) 2. The trophies for likes don't work, Trophies | Bulbagarden Forums there's a trophy for likes, I got likes...
  2. Mijzelffan

    Mafia nameclaim mafia - signups

    Like the name of the game, you nameclaim! Well if you want, you're by no means forced to. Mechanics: Rules: Hints towards who the creator is are not allowed in the role pm. [/spoiler] Players: 1. HumanDawn; 2. Aestivate; 3. Flop; 4. Equinox; 5...
  3. Mijzelffan

    Mafia Morally Ambiguous mafia - game end, too many winners to fit in the title, see OP!

    Normally one would say the mafia are the bad guys and the town are the good guys. In some games it might be reversed. But what if everyone's both good and bad depending on perspective? What if everyone were morally ambigious? That's this game. No two distinct factions, everyone has to protect...
  4. Mijzelffan

    Gen V events that unlock something in XY?

    In gen IV we had the shiny beasts and nasty plot celebi that unlocked stuff in BW, namely the only ways to get Zorua or Zoroark at that time. There was also the unreleased lock capsule which would have gotten you tm95, snarl. So do you hope/think they do this again for XY with events already or...
  5. Mijzelffan

    Mafia Kid Icarus: Uprising mafia - game over, the innocents win! 16/9

    Kid Icarus: Uprising mafia This game is very spoiler heavy when it comes to the actual game. After 25 years, the beloved franchise of Kid Icarus finally returns! Even though our hero Pit had defeated the dark goddess Medusa long ago, she has been resurected along with her commanders, forming...
  6. Mijzelffan

    Pokedex 3D update: what does it do?

    So recently multiple titles (among which Pushmo, Excitebike, Eurosport channel and Pokedex 3D) have gotten updates in the nintendo eshop, though they're kinda hidden away in that you have to go to your "downloaded content" page in order to update them. I have already googled for what the updates...
  7. Mijzelffan

    Your newest purchase or gift

    Post what you have bought most recently. The last thing I bought was a birthday present for a friend. A board game of which I don't know the English name to be more specific.
  8. Mijzelffan

    How many favourites have you added on youtube?

    Title explains all. At the time of writing, I have 186 favourites on youtube.
  9. Mijzelffan

    Generation skipping

    Since some people claim to skip generations (and those black and white commercials being full of people who played gen I only, and now gen V as well), I want to gauge how many people there are on the forum doing something like that. With generation skipping I mean not playing any of the three...
  10. Mijzelffan

    Blog customizing

    For some reason the background of the comments in the comment section in the blogs won't change colour, no matter to what you change it. The same applies to the blog sidebar. Which leaves your blog quite uncustomized, even if you decide to customize it. Is it possible to get that fixed, or..?
  11. Mijzelffan

    Linked accounts

    Seeing how I miss a quick account switch, does that mean we have to re-link all of our accounts again? Because if so, that sucks because I lost the passwords to all of my halloween socks. (also, why did the accounts unlink during the update in the first place?)
  12. Mijzelffan

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

    I never had a welcome thread here. So here it is. My name is Jasper, and I am 17 years old. As the title might have told you, I live in the Netherlands. My username is a contraption of two Dutch words, meaning "myself" and "fan" in English. (yeah, kinda narcistic, I know :3). I joined this...
  13. Mijzelffan

    Contest Music battle: Pallet town variations

    After listening to all four of them, I noticed they actually have notable differences compared to each other. So now the question is, which is your favourite and why? Red/Blue Gold/Silver FireRed/LeafGreen Heartgold/Soulsilver Personally I like the Fr/Lg one the best, because it has...
  14. Mijzelffan

    Allow us to delete our own user notes

    Because it's kinda bothersome to have to keep asking moderators to delete them if you want some of them deleted, don't you think? In case you don't know what usernotes are, they are some personal notes you can write to yourself, which can be found here...
  15. Mijzelffan

    Mafia Rock Paper Scissors... mafia style. (Game end; congrats Scissors, Lizard and Banana!)

    Plot is here. How to: This is a mafia game that works a little different from normal mafia games. Namely, there are no innocents here. Just 3 mafia factions (the rocks, the papers and the scissors), trying to kill each other. Every night each faction will send out a person to kill...
  16. Mijzelffan

    Contest Aurea Juniper vs Cedric Juniper (partly a music battle too)

    The one is a pokémon professor, and the other is too. The one lives in Unova, the other does too. And the one is named Juniper, and the other is too. They're even father and daughter. Not to forget, they even have alike theme songs. It would be weird not to compare them! So who do you like...
  17. Mijzelffan

    Contest Gardevoir Vs Meloetta (Aria Forme)

    Both are feminine looking green-haired anthropomorphic psychic pokémon. Only one of them has 50% chance to be male, and the other is genderless. Anyway... Which one is your favourite? And why? vs
  18. Mijzelffan

    What's your favourite Christmas movie?

    You know, it being Christmas, and all those Christmas movies coming on tv again, I thought it'd be a fitting topic. :3 My personal favourites are Home Alone 1 & 2.
  19. Mijzelffan

    Pokémon Rumble: Shinies

    People who got all passwords from the internet to get pokémon at least have one, and others might also have noticed, the shiny pokémon in pokémon rumble. So what pokémon do you have shiny in Rumble? I myself have the following: Bidoof (password) Ratata Haunter Raichu I'm not very far in...
  20. Mijzelffan

    Mafia BMGf Mafia II: the return (Once a mafia, always a mafia. Mafia victory!)

    Plot-wise, this game is a sequel to the previous one. (Don't take it too seriously if your name is mentioned here :P) Anyway, the long awaited part two is here! Yup yup. But first, some rules: 1. It's strictly prohibited to post your role pm in this thread, or anywhere else. Doing...