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  1. Stardust Reverie

    Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Rise of the Wicked ~Private RPG~

    This Private RPG's current member list is... Members: Stardust Reverie X Dragoon Royal Flare Scarlet_Sky Pending: Reserved: Suspended/Quit: Fabled Rider Zwampert HypersonicYanmega Unknown: Just to remind you --- New Domino City. The "Satellite". But... The Signers never existed, though...
  2. Stardust Reverie

    ~Forgotten Fate~ Aftereffects(Private RP)

    I'm going to post this up again so you guys can understand the story... And for those who didn't read it in the Social Group, then do it! Please At the corner of the run down, junkyard looking area named "Area 9" There was an underground bar, with various people in it, there was a ramp...