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    Passing Road Test in Ontario, Canada

    Well I am trying to pass my G test in Ontario, Canada. But I am having a difficult time doing it. I failed my G test yesterday and that made me feel pretty awful. I tried m best and the examiner still failed me. My license is expiring in June 2, 2012. I need to pass this test fast. But...
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    Can Pokemon understand languages?

    can they understand english?
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    Favourite rival, Gary vs Drew vs Paul

    Whose the better rival, hope this wasn't posted already
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    Have you had a one night stand?

    have you ever had a one night stand before?
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    Gary vs Paul

    Gary and Paul has shown to have similar pokemon, They both have Electivire, Magmortor, and Nidoking, both had turtler starter from their respective region's final evolution. Who will win in this rival battle of epicness.
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    Is Pikachu that bad?

    Lvl 100 Pikachu lose to a lvl 5 Tsutarja in Best Wishes that's absurd
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    How did

    Lvl 100 Pikachu lose to a lvl 5 Tsutarja in Best Wishes
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    Contest Blastoise or Charizard

    In a classic Kanto starter pokemon final evolution showdown. It's Ash's Charizard vs Gary's Blastoise, who would win?
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    DP episode list

    what is the last episode for diamond and pearl?
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    COMPLETE: A Longing Summer Night at Lake Valor (Advanceshipping)

    "Ash do you still have this?", asked May showing Ash her half of the contest ribbon they won in the Terracota Contest. "I sure do", replied Ash That night at the hotel they were staying in Lake Valor, "I can't go to sleep pikachu, I am so excited that May's back but I can't even tell her...