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  1. PTOldMan

    What are your expectations for Team Rocket?

    How do you think they will be handled? Is there any chance of them keeping Gourgeist and Inkay? Do you think Bewear and Mimikyu are their future Pokémon? If so, which one will Jessie and James capture? Do you expect Giovanni to have a more active role again? Are we going to see the return of...
  2. PTOldMan

    If you could choose one of Ash's stored Pokémon to return "permanently"

    If one of Ash's Pokémon stored at Oak were to return for a complete series, which one would you prefer? The anime has done it before. Pokémon who were left behind did return more than once to the main cast for a saga or even for a complete series. Ash's Phanpy returned for Battle Frontier after...
  3. PTOldMan

    So... New Team Rocket motto for Sun & Moon?

    Starting from Battle Frontier, it was easy to predict whether Team Rocket would get a new motto for the new series or not. However, nowadays they have returned to their original motto and so far they're using it for the second region in a row (they started during late Unova and so far they are...
  4. PTOldMan

    Will Seviper, Carnivine, Yanmega and Mime Jr. ever return?

    Right now, Team Rocket's Seviper, Carnivine, Yanmega and Mime Jr. are at Team Rocket's HQ, stored since Giovanni decided that it was too risky to bring them to Unova. However, right now Jessie and James are far away from Unova and they still haven't gotten their Pokémon back (except for...
  5. PTOldMan

    Is Team Rocket getting a new motto?

    Hello! This week we had that special that had a lot of previews, and during those previews we had at least two moments in which we could see a new motto animation for Team Rocket. You can see the end of the motto here, during 0:34 View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmqWVz813KA And one...
  6. PTOldMan

    Question: What was the music playing during Miette's performance in XY79?

    During this week's episode, we had a scene in which Miette is giving the audience her free performance, while Jessie bumps into Serena and ruins her dress. There is a music playing in the background, and I would like to know which music is that. Is that an instrumental of one of the endings? Is...
  7. PTOldMan

    So... Jessie's Pumpkaboo will evolve!?

    The poster for Movie 18 shows a lot of Pokémon from the mais series. However, among other possible surprises for the near future, there is one thing that is extremely odd. There is no Pumpkaboo on the poster! Even though we have Meowth, Wobbuffet and Inkay. Instead, we have a Gourgeist! Could...
  8. PTOldMan

    Why don't Team Rocket bond with their Pokémon anymore?

    Up until Unova, Jessie and James were fairly regarded as trainers who always had a strong bond with most of their Pokémon. However, since Team Rocket left most of their Pokémon at their HQ they don't seem to have any bond with their new Pokémon. Woobat, Yamask, Frillish and Amoonguss were no...
  9. PTOldMan

    Why the lack of "Pokémon Release" episodes?

    Since the start of the animated series we would get from time to time an episode focused on the release of a certain Pokémon that belonged to a main character. Some of those episodes are considered the best of the whole anime because they usually give depth to both the character that releases...
  10. PTOldMan

    Could Burgundy appear?

    She is kind of French. No?
  11. PTOldMan

    Were Woobat, Yamask, Frillish and Amoonguss bland on purpose?

    Team Rocket's captures during Unova were powerful Pokémon that didn't seem to have any kind of bond with their trainers, Jessie and James, which everyone disliked, as Jessie and James have shown in the past that they care a lot about their Pokémon. Moreover, their personalities were also pretty...
  12. PTOldMan

    Team Rocket's Motto: original motto or new motto?

    Considering that Team Rocket is pretty much confirmed in XY, how do you think that they will introduce themselves to the audience and to the twerps? One could say that "new region = new motto", as this is a trend that seems to exist since Battle Frontier. However, nowadays Team Rocket...
  13. PTOldMan

    What time does Pokémon air in Japan GMT?

    Could anyone please tell me, GMT time (Lisbon, London, etc) what is the the broadcast hour of Pokémon? Ignoring daylight saving time, please.
  14. PTOldMan

    Iwane's words on the TRio personality

    There seems to be some tension regarding JJM "new" personality over at Masaaki Iwane's blog. Could anyone please translate what is being said? At least Iwane's words, please. According to google translate, he seems to be saying that they know that older people are unhappy and he is praying for...
  15. PTOldMan

    Flashback episode in the future?

    Could we have a flashback episode in the future? Not just a remake of an old episode, but something someone is telling that gets turned into an episode (similar to what happened in Training Daze, which Jessie, James and Meowth). I started thinking this due to the banned Rocket vs Plasma...
  16. PTOldMan

    Team Rocket's Motto Sound Effects

    As you may be aware, Team Rocket's mottos tend to be over-dramatic and over-the-top. As such, there is a handful of sound effects used during the motto in order to increase the impact of the motto. What I would like to ask you is if it is possible to download those sound effects (royalty free...
  17. PTOldMan

    Do you think Meloetta's voice will be dubbed?

    So, do you think Meloetta's voice will be dubbed? On one hand, all Meloetta seems to say is its name, which is the same in both languages. On the other hand, it wouldn't be the first time the dub changed a Pokémon's voice without reason, iirc.
  18. PTOldMan

    Will Cassidy & Butch appear soon?

    Do you think they will? Among the "old characters", they are the ones who appear at least once every region, even if just in fantasy form (I'm thinking about Hoenn, though they had a lot of Chronicles episodes back then). Do you think this trend will go on now in Unova? One may think that the...
  19. PTOldMan

    Cynthia's Garchomp Gender

    According to Bulbapedia, Cynthia's Garchomp is female. When was its gender confirmed? And how?