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    Takeshi (Brock) - a Look on a Pretty Tragic Character

    The Takeshi Shudo books aren't officially canon to the anime so I wouldn't put too much stock in the things he comes out with therein. At most, they represent his personal vision for how the anime world might have worked, but many of his particularly wild or outrageous ideas aren't reflected in...
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    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    I thought just the opposite. That Alolan Persian is so heavily inbred that its IQ is on the floor, thus accounting for its slightly dopier look.
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    Rumours/Fakes/Leaks Discussion Thread

    Alolan Persian isn't fat, his head just got rounder and more cartoony and now he looks more like a cat from the newspaper funnies than the ultra-naturalistic feline his original evoked. Which is kind of unfortunate, given that he now looks less dark and sinister, as a Dark type, than he did in...
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    Pokemon Tech and the Admissions Exam

    No. The OS was still trying to figure out the "rules" of the anime universe and would occasionally experiment and throw in stuff like that, but it isn't really relevant to the anime as it exists now. Good thing too - that Admissions exam was a fucking travesty.
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    Sending a death threat is on a whole different level of nastiness to merely complaining though.
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    I doubt that. They would have been planning ahead for the Sun and Moon anime long before the Kalos League aired, and I'm sure that most major staffing roles were already decided. I also doubt that he would base his career decisions upon the empty threats of a tiny minority of immature fans...
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    Review PG07: The Vision

    Why does Camerupt sound like a horse, instead of, you know, a horse designed by committee? Couldn't they have gone with something closer to the kind of noises that a camel actually makes? Aside from that, it was enjoyable.
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    Ash's Pokemon Captures Speculation

    I could definitely see Ash with a Litten. There's no "rule" in place saying that Ash can't have a cat pokemon (much as there was never any "rule" saying that the water starters can't evolve - it's simply how it worked out for a while).
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    Review PG06: The Reawakening

    I got a satisfied smile when I saw that the three nameless pokemon were certainly not Eevee-born. Sadly though, I doubt that this will kill off the Eeveelutions theory. Those who insist on supporting it will always cling to the mantra of "well, we don't know if Generations reflects the...
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    Preview XY138: The Last Battle with Satoshi! Serena's Choice!!

    Yeah, that's the thing. Even if you don't like Delphox, then is it really such an issue if it evolves now? It's not like we're going to have to spend a lot of time with it. We're also not going to see Aria again post-XY, so I don't see the issue in their teams being "too similar".
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    Ash's Pokemon Captures Speculation

    I might regret asking, but why would Ash getting a feminine pokemon be such a disaster?
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    Ash's Pokemon Captures Speculation

    Personally, I'm all for Ash getting a super-girly pokemon. I just don't think that the anime would actually be cool enough to do it, certainly not in Brionne's case.
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    Ash's Pokemon Captures Speculation

    Ash definitely isn't getting Popplio. You just know that's the kind of starter line they'd give to female companions, not Ash himself.
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    Review S19 EP33: Valuable Experience for All!

    Isn't Tierno's Raichu male too, though? I mean, the tail. Oh well, Tierno's Raichu confirmed as gay, I guess.
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    Review PG04: The Lake of Rage

    There's exaggeration to make someone look like more of a douchebag, and there's making them look like they have cerebral palsy. It's good to know that Team Rocket are equal opportunity employers, at least.
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    Now is the time: Are you Getting Sun or Moon?

    Sun. I'm an early bird, not a night owl.
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    Preview XY137: Starting from Zero! Citron's Decision!!

    I don't know whether you guys are trying to argue this debate from a moral perspective or a criminal law perspective, but if it's the latter then knowledge that a crime was going to be committed generally IS an important factor in determining whether or not somebody can be held criminally...
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    Review PG04: The Lake of Rage

    Do those Rocket Grunts all suffer from gait abnormalities? Or was that just a badly animated swagger?
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    Preview Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

    For the moment, yes, because surface level details are all we have. But I don't think there's anything wrong with merely making the observation that, based on what we do have so far, the show is giving the impression that it's aiming to be more like Yo-Kai Watch. Because that is my own honest...
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    Your Least Favorite XY Episodes

    I've missed out on a lot of XY, but from what I remember, Hawlucha's debut episode was pretty dreadful. Enough with the jerkass Ursarings already.