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Search results

  1. Sike Saner

    COMPLETE: The Worldslayers (TEEN)

    Hey all. It's chapterfic time again. 8D This is something of a sequel to both this fic and this one, especially the former. I'm going with a T rating on this one. Count on there being violence; count on there being mild language; count on there being uncheerful things in general from time to...
  2. Sike Saner

    COMPLETE: Starlight (one-shot) (TEEN)

    Happy Halloween, folks. I'm going to rate this a very soft T, mostly on account of a slightly gory interpretation of a certain pokémon. ______________ Starlight The night before, Henry had dreamed of the Goddess. It hadn’t been the first time. Not the first time She’d drifted into his...
  3. Sike Saner

    COMPLETE: Bad Idea (one-shot) (EVERYONE)

    So, this itsy bitsy teeny weeny Vienna sausage of a ficlet. A few years back, I did a fanfic meme of some sort that, at one point, asked me to write a paragraph centered around one of my favorite characters. What happened instead were several paragraphs. Whoops-a-daisy. I'd rate this a K+ at...
  4. Sike Saner

    COMPLETE: Communication (TEEN)

    Hey there, me again. What we have here is the latest version of my second Pokémon fic, started back in '04 and completed roughly ten years later. Expect updates every couple of weeks or so. I'd rate this a hard T at most; there'll be violence, there'll be gore, there'll be naughty language here...
  5. Sike Saner

    COMPLETE: The Origin of Storms (MATURE)

    Hey there. This here's the latest version of a fic I wrote back between '03 and '04. It's already completed, so look for updates every couple of weeks or so. Rating-wise, I'd give it a hard T or a soft M. There'll be quite a bit of violence, some gore, depictions of sexual harrassment, and some...